This Clever Self-Warming Mug Can’t Stop Selling Out at Nordstrom

Ohom Kopi Mug & Warmer Set

When a kitchen must-have keeps selling out online, it's generally a good indicator that it should be on your radar. After all, there must be a reason shoppers can't stop snapping something up. And when that something is an ingenious invention that makes your daily life so much easier? You have our attention.

Such is the case with Ohom's Kopi Mug and Warmer Set, which has sold out multiple times on Nordstrom. Not only have we noticed it selling out overnight on at least three separate occasions, but it also seems to be constantly at risk of running out again (judging by the high number of shoppers eyeing it at all times). Luckily for those who have had their hearts set on the Kopi Mug and Warmer set, it is now fully back in stock in multiple new colors, to boot.

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Ohom Kopi Mug & Warmer Set in Black

To buy: Ohom Kopi Mug & Warmer Set in Black, $69;

It's not surprising that so many shoppers have snapped up this smart electric mug. The design is undeniably clever—I mean, who doesn't want their tea or coffee to stay hot for hours while they type away at their laptops? It also doesn't hurt that the Kopi Mug looks so darn sleek. The gentle curves, the minimalist design, and the pastel shades make it a perfect addition to your chic coffee table (or you know, your Instagram feed).

The mug's charging pad even doubles as a wireless phone charger, and the kit includes a convenient strainer as well as a ceramic lid that retains heat. Shoppers on Nordstrom have given it glowing reviews, too, with some calling it the "perfect beverage heater" that's "great for slow coffee drinkers."

"I take forever to drink my morning coffee, and in the past it would just get cold and I would have to throw it out," wrote a reviewer. "I love this now as it stays warm and I can slowly enjoy it over hours!"

While the Kopi Mug set is currently available in seven colors, the number of shoppers who have their eyes on this popular gadget is rising by the minute (again). We won't be surprised if it sells out soon, so grab yours before it inevitably flies off the shelves.

Ohom Kopi Mug & Warmer Set in Sky Blue

To buy: Ohom Kopi Mug & Warmer Set in Sky Blue, $69;

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