This Cookie Stamp Will Add A Finishing Touch To All Of Your Go-To Holiday Cookies

When it comes to holiday cookie baking, everyone has their own traditions and finishing touches that make it their own. You probably have the go-to recipes filed away somewhere but you can always find new ways to decorate your sweet treats. Frosting is never a bad option but this Urban Outfitters customizable cookie stamp is even more special.

Customizable Cookie Stamp
To add a signature touch to your cookies, this baking stamp comes with a bunch of letters and even little graphics like stars and hearts. You simply insert the letters into the stamp to spell whatever you want or add a design, dust it with some flour so it’s easy to remove from your dough, and then bake your cookies and wait for the words to come through more while the dough rises.
The stamp is made from wood and silicone and is totally food-safe, but you should be sure to hand wash everything carefully so that the small letter inserts don’t get misplaced in the wash. It’s an online-exclusive product and it goes for just $15, so it’s a nice little way to upgrade your cookie baking game, but it also serves as a lovely gift for the baker in your life.
You can write messages on your baked goods to give out during your cookie exchange or you can add personal words of affirmation to your own platter of sweets. At the end of the day, cookie baking is the most important love language of all.

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