This Man Turned His Home Office Into a Personal Taco Bell


For those lucky enough to hold onto their jobs in 2020, it’s been a big year for interior redecorating. Sales of home office furniture have been booming, and the abundant free time we’ve had while stuck at home has no doubt encouraged folks to follow their wildest design dreams. But in the case of at least one redecorator, an inspired attempt to live más might be putting a strain on their marriage.

According to a post on the Relationship Advice Subreddit, a goldmine of wacky interpersonal drama, one woman claims her husband got a great deal on a bunch of ‘90s Taco Bell memorabilia that now seems to be an unwelcome presence in their home.

“Apparently one of the local [taco bells] was getting a remodel and I guess [my husband] bribed the manager to let him grab a booth and some other things,” which he then set up in the office. “I’m absolutely stunned that anyone, much less my husband, would think it’s a good idea to set up a Taco Bell booth IN OUR HOUSE.”

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While she’s clearly not on board with the “ugly and tacky” decor that celebrates “a less than mediocre fast food chain,” there were plenty of commenters who jumped in to defend this fast food king’s honor. Many pointed out that the offending Taco Bell furniture was in an office space that the husband uses much more frequently, thereby granting him a rightful claim to design it. Everyone deserves some space in the home to decorate as they see fit, some said.

As others pointed out, the husband here should be applauded and envied for having the ingenuity to turn his office into a throwback Taco Bell. “I can only imagine how awesome it is to be video conferencing and everyone is convinced you work out of a Taco Bell,” said one commenter who described the move as “L E G E N D A R Y.” Even one person who admitted they aren’t a Taco Bell fan nonetheless conceded that “I am a BIG fan of this guy’s style.”

At the end of the day, I’d argue this couple should consider themselves lucky if the biggest fight they have has to do with a Taco Bell booth. There are certainly worse things to spend money on than a bit of nostalgic fast food furniture, and you DEFINITELY can’t put a price on living más.




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