This Smart Tool Is the Secret to Never Buying Cooking Spray Again


As a home cook who whips up eggs for breakfast almost every day of the week, a cooking spray for my 12” skillet is as essential as salt and pepper. Though I’d love to cook with butter all the time, olive oil is more often my cooking oil of choice. To help my bottle of extra virgin last and not overdo the pour, the Misto spray bottle is one of the best purchases I’ve made for my kitchen.

The way the bottle works is simple: Add in cooking oil of your choice, pump the lid (to create pressure) and spray to evenly mist whatever skillet, baking sheet, or pan you’re using. Not only do I use it to lightly coat my pan with olive oil, but it's also handy for vinegars, lemon or lime juice, and it’s great for dressing salads, too. If you want even browning on your baked goods like pies, puff pastry treats, and bread, a spritz from this tool does the trick.

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Caring for the tool is easy, just clean it every two months or once it’s empty (add soapy water and spray until empty, then warm water to flush clean). My first bottle lasted for nearly 3 years (admittedly we didn’t clean out it as often) but the bang for your buck is undeniable. Plus, if you care about the environment, it’s refillable, free of chemical propellants, and you’re not throwing away more aluminum cans every time you use up your cooking spray.

Even better, the Misto Oil Sprayer is 51% off at just $7.29 right now (usually $15). Make your home cooking regimen even more economical at a great discount right now. Or opt for the glass version, if brushed aluminum isn't your thing.

To buy: Misto Brush Aluminum Oil Sprayer, $7 at

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