This TikTok Shows How Candy Canes Are Made And You’ll Be Totally Fascinated

Candy canes are arguably the most iconic holiday treat, even if people typically do a lot more decorating with them than they do eating them. But just in case you haven’t picked up a box to adorn your tree with or to use to mix up your hot cocoa yet, these extremely mesmerizing TikToks will surely get you strolling down Candy Cane Lane.
Hammond’s Candies in Denver has an extremely good TikTok account that gives you the inside scoop on what it takes to make your fave Christmas treats, as previously reported on by Insider. And though you probably just started making Christmas cookies, they’ve been hard at work whipping up candy canes since the fall, and they have tons of videos to prove it.
One of their videos has gotten a whopping 12.3 million views at the time of this writing, showing the process behind their cherry candy canes. In the video, set to Jingle Bell Rock, you can watch as the liquid sugar hardens and stretches to form those iconic stripes we all know and love. It’s basically festive ASMR for your eyes and we cannot stop watching.
Treat yo’elf this Christmas with our Cherry Candy Canes #candycanesrule #christmascandy #hammondscandies
And while this video has gone super viral, their whole page is CHOCK FULL of candy cane-making videos, as well as equally satisfying videos of their other treats like ribbon candy and watermelon hard candies with TAJIN.
Happy National Candy Day! Use code CANDYDAY FOR 10% off all candy when you make a online purchase! #UnwrapTheDeals #hammondscandies #nationalcandyday
Watermelon hard candies with Tajin! Would you try one? #tajin #FamilyRecipe #spiceitup
All we want for Christmas is Candy!! #christmascandy #christmasribbon #christmasdecor #hammondscandies
And if you’re inspired after going down the rabbit holes of their video to order some for yourself, you can order some off of their website and use the code TIKTOK for 15 percent off your purchase! Enjoy!

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