This TikTok Shows What Happens When You Glaze a Krispy Kreme Doughnut 25 Times


As I’ve written many times before, TikTok really is a great asset for anyone looking for cooking/baking inspiration or just some ingenious advice on how to fill an ice cube tray

For all of its surprisingly useful content, though, I think this TikTok, which shows a Krispy Kreme doughnut getting glazed an impressive 25 times, is closer to the app’s true purpose.

Posted by @Jackpaul_Jones, it’s a behind the scenes look at exactly what happens when you glaze a Krispy Kreme doughnut to the point of no return. This thing is seriously 2500% more glazed than your average original glazed doughnut, which is already a sugary delight.

The 25 glazings allegedly took place over the course of an entire hour, gradually becoming more terrifying over time. The difference between your single-glazed doughnut and this sweet experiment is apparent pretty early on, but by glaze 15, it “wasn’t even a donut anymore, it was a ball of icing”. That ball of glaze became so powerful by the end that it had to be boxed up, for fear that its sheer weight would tear through a bag.

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Naturally, you can’t show off this kind of sugar bomb without weighing in on what it tastes like. Thankfully, a follow-up post offers a closer look at this chaotic creation, revealing it to be more glaze than doughnut. Based on what we can tell from the reviews of those who took a bite of this thing, the 25-glazed probably isn’t about to earn a spot on the Krispy kreme menu. 

Of course, if you have an hour to kill, you could theoretically bribe your local Krispy kreme to make this for you, but it sure doesn’t seem like a good idea. But it’s exactly this kind of bold experiment that is necessary to advance the field of doughnut science. At the very least, I’d give everyone involved in the mega glazing a job in Krispy Kreme’s R&D department. 

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