This Tiny Baking Kit Is For Everyone Obsessed With Those Viral TikTok Videos

Tiny things are objectively cute. In fact, humans are psychologically wired to think that small things are adorable. This is why tiny kitchen ASMR videos are so popular and if you’ve ever wanted to try out the hobby for yourself, you can buy a mini baking set off Amazon right now.

TINY Baking
Videos of people cooking mini meals out of mini ingredients using mini tools have been on the internet for years now. The trend took off around 2016 but has roots in the Japanese culture’s fascination with kawaii. The trend has recently seen a resurgence on TikTok with entire accounts dedicated to sharing one-minute cooking tutorials that use teeny tiny tools. If you’re a fan of these sorts of videos, you’ve probably considered trying it out for yourself (I know I have!) and now you can with this $20 kit from Amazon.
This TINY Baking Kit by SmartlLab includes a rolling pin, spoon, knife, pizza cutter, cake knife, storage tin, cake mold, finger mits, and a set of measuring spoons. All of the tools and utensils come in way smaller sizes than what you have in your kitchen already, making them perfect for any and all tiny kitchen endeavors.
The kit also comes with 20 different recipes to try out and a booklet full of tips to help you along the way. Some of the recipes include an Easy Teeny Frittata, Vanilla Cupcakes, Lattice-Crust Fruit Pie, and Deep Dish Pizza. Just a suggestion though: Make a normal-sized version of each thing just in case you get hungry. Trust us.

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