This Tool Made My Chaotic Closet Feel Like a Professionally-Lit Pantry

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Like many of us lately, I'm often looking for projects to occupy my mind and improve my living space, where I spend most of my time. Over the past few months, I've reorganized and reinvented my pantry at home, to a surprising degree of success. The first smart move was the nifty Spicy Shelf, and the next was an LED light string set from Luminoodle.

For two years of living in this apartment, the dark hole that was our pantry closet seemed impossible to address. I stacked things inside as best I could, but with a hallway light that barely reached the depths of the slim but tall shelving space, it seemed like a lost cause for finding anything efficiently. Installing a light inside seemed tricky, and a ceiling light wouldn't illuminate the dark shelf spaces below. What use is a single bulb if it's still too dim to see the difference between cornmeal and breadcrumbs?

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Enter: the Luminoodle. I ordered a set of three battery-powered light strings off Amazon and hoped for the best. The string light packs come with three AAA batteries and powerful sticky tape along the back of the device for installation. The lights are about three feet long and happened to be the perfect length for our shelving, but you can easily bend or wrap the strips if needed for custom adjustments. In minutes our completely-lit pantry was up and running, and each shelf has its own clickable light for whenever we need it.

To buy: Luminoodle LED String Lights, $18;

Once the lights were installed, I could see what I needed to do to reorganize and made some adjustments. Then I snapped a photo of the lights on and off.

The light strips have hundreds of five-star reviews, with the only drawback being how well it illuminates the space. "I needed to light a closet that had no light or electrical outlet in it. This was (nearly) perfect for the job," notes one customers. "Let's be clear, it completely lights up the closet. It is super simple to install and is honestly worth more than I paid for it. The only drawback is also its greatest benefit…the brightness."

I ordered the "warm" light option and find it to be ambient and not overly bright, but daylight brightness is also available if you need the extra wattage. We plan on installing another underneath our kitchen sink to finally see and organize our now high-traffic cleaning product storage space. If you're dealing with any low-light spaces or cabinets that you nearly need a flashlight to find anything, this is the perfect solution.

To buy: Luminoodle LED String Lights, $18;


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