TikTok Loves This Hack For Doubling Your Closet Space By Using Soda Tabs

Chances are you could probably use more storage because someone decided that closets have to always be way to small. It’s just the way it is. And before you head out to the home improvement store and invest in all sorts of closet organizers, consider the solution that could be hiding on your can of soda.
TikTok user @hollyvlogsofficial shared this genius hack recently and it’s currently blowing the internet’s collective mind. Basically, it involves popping the tab off your can of soda, slipping it on the top of your hanger and then hanging another hanger on that tab, essentially doubling the storage capacity of your closet. You know what, she explains it way better, just watch the TikTok:

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Now, before you break out the pitchforks, obviously she didn’t invent the concept of doubling up hangers to create more storage; you can literally buy hangers that do this for you and also hanger rings exist. I know!! This is just a cool way to reuse what you already have. Also, this hack may have floated around before but since a lot of people were impressed (and so were we!), it can’t hurt to share the love.
When Yahoo UK asked Diana Spellman, professional organizer and founder of Serenely Sorted, about the hack, she said that it does work, as does a paper clip, but that both might snag your clothing, so she suggested using gardening hooks instead. Whatever floats your boat! Give it a try and if worst comes to worst, you’ll still get to enjoy your can of Diet Coke.

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