We Haven’t Seen Coravin Wine Preservers This Cheap Since Cyber Monday

Coravin Model Two Wine System Tout

While decanting wine is one of the easiest ways to make just about any glass taste significantly better, the rest of your bottle’s flavor and aroma are on borrowed time the moment you pop the cork. That’s where Coravin’s openers come in. With a patented system that uses a thin needle to penetrate the cork without creating a hole, the tool allows you to enjoy a glass without even opening your bottle, meaning your wine remains sealed and protected from oxygen.

And right now’s an excellent time to invest in one of these ingenious gadgets: Bed Bath & Beyond took 30% off the price of Coravin’s Model Two Wine System—a deal we haven’t seen since Cyber Monday.

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Coravin Model Two Wine System

To buy: $210 (originally $300); bedbathandbeyond.com

Using the Coravin is as easy as any traditional corkscrew. Simply place the tool on top of your bottle and push the needle through the cork. Next, tip the bottle as if you were pouring a glass and press the trigger to fill the bottle with argon gas. This not only pressurizes the bottle, forcing wine through a tiny opening and into the needle, but also protects the wine left in the bottle from oxidizing. After you release the trigger, the Coravin fills your glass until you tilt the system back up. When you remove the Coravin from the bottle, the cork naturally reseals to protect your wine.

In addition to Coravin’s impressive mechanics, the Model Two has a specially designed thin-wall Teflon-coated needle that pours 20% faster than the original model. It also features a textured rubber grip for easy holding and comes with a needle cleaning tool and two argon gas capsules that each pour about 15 glasses.

Bed Bath & Beyond shoppers rave about how easy the Coravin is to use, as well as how it allows wine lovers to savor a taste without actually consuming the entire bottle.

“Coravin has changed the way we drink wine,” wrote a customer. “I am no longer afraid of spending money on a good bottle of wine and being worried that it will spoil or I have to drink more than I need to.”

Another added, “I got a few nicer cabs for graduating from law school and picked up our Coravin at the same time. Sampling each was a surreal experience. However, I didn’t totally trust the Coravin until going back to a bottle I ‘opened’ two months earlier. These are pricey, but they open up the world of wine the way it should be and I’m completely happy we pulled the trigger.”

Typically priced up to $300, Coravin systems are an investment. But right now, you can get the Model Two for just $210; Bed Bath & Beyond is even throwing in free shipping. Take advantage of the Cyber Monday-level discount and grab one as a gift for Mother’s Day (or even Father’s Day if you’re a forward thinker). We don’t know how long a deal this good will last.

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