You Can Buy A Thanksgiving Feast Candle That Smells Like You’re Cooking Fresh Dishes In Your Home

Whether you do all the cooking yourself or opt for ordering your Thanksgiving meal from a restaurant, one of the best parts of the holiday is when the smell of all the food fills your home. If you don’t have plans to be cooking up a storm this year, you can still achieve that delightful scent because DW Home makes a Thanksgiving Feast candle that smells like your favorite side dishes.
Candles with scents inspired by popular (yet rather un-candle-like) dishes have become quite a trend over the last year with McDonald’s, Panda Express, and queso all getting candles based on some of their classics. This Thanksgiving Feast scent makes a little bit more sense because waking up to the smell of roasting turkey and boiling potatoes is a staple of the holiday.

DW Home Cinnamon Pumpkin
The DW Home candle isn’t just one smell, but rather a few complex ones. It’s described as being a mix of buttery mashed potatoes with salted gravy with notes of sage stuffing and a hint of cranberry sauce. I’m hungry just thinking about it, so I will definitely be buying the candle online and then pinning a bunch of recipes to match.
The candle comes in two sizes, either medium single-wick or large double-wick, so if you want it to last throughout your entire Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend you should probably opt for the latter. Since this scent is all-new, it’s only available through the DW Home site at the moment, but if you want something a little sweet, you can find dessert-inspired candles like this cinnamon pumpkin one through Amazon Prime.

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