You Can Keep Your Herbs Fresh for Days With This Self-Watering Container

Discovering that a recipe you were so eager to make asks for a tiny portion of herbs is a headache. Supermarkets often only sell them in large bunches, and if you need just two or three strands, the unused rest gets left in the fridge to wilt in the next few days. But it’s not like you can skip herbs entirely. I mean, imagine guac without cilantro or mojitos without mint—they just wouldn’t be as good.

But thankfully, Amazon shoppers have discovered a secret to keeping herbs in the fridge fresh for longer: the Cole & Mason Fresh Herb Container, an ingenious self-watering device that’s like a mini garden in your fridge. Reviewers who were skeptical at first are “really impressed by this item,” with one calling it “a 10-star product that will keep your herbs fresh for weeks.”

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The way it works is incredibly easy. Just pour some fresh water into the container until it hits the maximum water level, and then put the herbs in with their leaves facing up. Slide the container’s outer lid upwards, leaving a good amount of space between the top of your herbs and the lid, then simply put the whole container in the fridge. It comes with dividers, so you can prevent your rosemary and tarragon from getting mixed up.

The herb keeper can extend the life of your greens for up to 10 days longer than usual, according to the brand, but some shoppers say they’ve lasted for even longer than that. “I had a bunch of cilantro in there for about a month, only changing the water every few days,” said a shopper in a glowing review. “It was still as fresh as the day I bought it.”

Another tried it with rosemary and found similar results. “I bought this solution and holy smokes, it's been two months since we put fresh cut stems of rosemary into it and we are still able to harvest from it. It looks just as fresh as the first day. Highly, highly recommend this as a kitchen solution, and we'll probably be giving these to our friends as a housewarming gift that surprisingly super extends the life of herbs.”

Clearly, the herb keeper is nothing short of magic. Get one now to cut back on waste.

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