Adele weight loss: Food singer ate on The Sirtfood Diet to lose weight

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Adele has wowed her fans in recent months with her incredible seven stone weight loss. Her transformation is credited to The Sirtfood Diet which are specific foods which can help the body’s skinny genes, known as sirtuins. They are said to influence the body’s ability to burn fat and boost the metabolism and help slimmers lose weight while maintaining muscle. What foods can you eat on the diet plan?

Foods allowed on the diet include kale, strawberries, onions, extra virgin oil and even dark chocolate is encouraged. 

Typical meals permitted include salads, fish, tabbouleh as well as a shrimp stir-fry. 

Sirtuins make cells more insulin sensitive, meaning they can remove glucose from the bloodstream easier.

This can help with weight loss because these types of foods help combat insulin resistance.

The diet plan, which is detailed in TheSirtFood Diet book, is thought to boost energy levels as well as controlling blood sugar. 

The diet is split into two different phases, lasting a total of three weeks. After this period, dieters are encouraged to incorporate as many sirtfoods into their diet as possible.

One food in which is a huge part of the diet is the Sirtfood green juice, packed with nutrients and must be drunk three times a day in phase one of the diet.

The first phase lasts for seven days which involves a calorie restriction and lots of the green juice. 

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It is intended to kickstart your weight loss and claims to help slimmers lose seven pounds in just one week.

Calorie intake is restricted to 1,000 calories including three green juices and one sirtfood rich meal. 

You are not allowed to drink any alcohol during the first phase, but you can drink water, tea, coffee and green tea as much as you wish.

Red wine is also permitted in moderation, as small amounts of the wine actually contains antioxidants and has long been thought of as heart healthy. 

On days four to seven of the first phase, dieters can increase their calorie intake to 1,500 a day including two green juices and two sirtfood meals. 

The second phase is known as the maintenance stage where those following the diet should continue to lose weight steadily and there is no calorie limitation for this week.

However you should keep your diet in a calorie deficit as well as eating three meals full of sirtfoods and just one green juice a day. 

The sirtfood green juice can be made very easily using healthy fruits and vegetables.

• 75g kale
• 30g rocket
• 5g parsley
• 150g celery
• Half green apple
• Juice half lemon
• Half tsp matcha tea powder

This juice is packed with vitamins, all of which can aid weight loss and is encouraged every single day of the diet plan. 

After the three weeks is up, slimmers can continue on the diet for as long as they wish and should incorporate as many sirtfood rich foods into their diet, not only for weight loss but for overall better health.

To keep these foods into your diet, you can continue making green juices or you can swap unhealthy snacks like crisps for olives as well as fruit. 

Protein should also be added to meals to help boost weight loss results and the creators of the diet encourage oily fish and advise in their book that dairy consumption in moderation is allowed.

The Sirtfood Diet hasn’t only been tried and tested by Adele. Other celebrity fans include Jodie Kidd, chef Lorraine Pascale and Sir Ben Ainslie.

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