Breakfast to keep you ‘fuller for longer’: ‘Curb hunger’ while in a ‘calorie deficit’

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Youtube and Instagram star Hayley Madigan is a women’s personal trainer and health and fitness pro. The body confidence expert detailed her favourite breakfast for staying full until lunch.

She recommends eating protein at breakfast to stay full.

Hayley told “When thinking about what to consume for breakfast, you want to make sure you firstly, enjoy it, and secondly, eat a meal that is high in protein in order to keep you fuller for longer.”

Protein has been found to help prevent overeating by helping you feel fuller.

Recently, another expert has suggested using Pilates to tone and lose belly fat. 

The health guru went on: “My go-to breakfast is a bowl of oats with Bulk Peanut Butter and a shake made with one scoop of Bulk Pure Whey Protein, a handful of frozen berries and one cup of water.

“This is a great example of a high protein breakfast that sets me up for the day, keeping me full while adding in slow-release carbohydrates and fibre from the oats, and antioxidant properties from the berries.”

Studies have found eating more protein supports weight loss.

One study, focusing on women, found eating 30 percent of their daily calories from protein saw them eat 441 fewer calories a day, losing 11 pounds in 12 weeks.

However, Hayley warned against forcing yourself to eat too much at breakfast if you aren’t hungry.

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“It is important to remember that you do not need to force yourself to have a big breakfast if you do not enjoy it,” she said.

“Some people prefer to prolong breakfast and have a bigger lunch, which is perfectly OK, and is often known as intermittent fasting – a good way to reduce the amount of time you eat across the day.

“If your aim is to maintain your muscle mass then it is important to spread your protein intake across the day.

A good weight loss idea, according to Hayley, could be having a protein shake for breakfast.

The expert said: “Even consuming a protein shake in the morning can help curb hunger and improve muscle maintenance when eating in a calorie deficit.”

Breakfast ideas full of protein


Eggs are full of protein and fat, and will give a healthy lift to your morning in any form.

Scrambled eggs, omelettes, boiled eggs and poached eggs are all healthy breakfast options.

Other breakfast options high in protein:

  • Greek yoghurt
  • Cottage cheese
  • Chicken sausages
  • Peanut butter

A workout to blast the core will supplement a healthy breakfast perfectly.

Another fitness guru has detailed her gym workout to lose belly fat and achieve “a core to be proud of”. 

London-based personal trainer Aimee Victoria Long discussed training this area with

The circuit involves and cable machine, and should have your abdominals burning in no time.

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