Camilla’s £28 tool to keep her healthy as royal work ramps up – fitness routine

Prince Charles and Camilla visit Umm Qais in Jordan

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The Duchess of Cornwall, 74, and her husband Prince Charles reportedly have a very healthy lifestyle at their country home in Gloucestershire.

Camilla enjoys activities such as gardening and follows a very healthy diet.

Her meal plan includes eating fresh food and ingredients they produce at their own state.

But the Duchess also uses a gadget which helps her stay in shape.

During their latest royal tour around the Middle East, Camilla was seen wearing a Fitbit exercise watch.

The tool allows you to keep in shape by tracking the movement.

Fitbit sells the fitness feature online with the cheapest one being £49.99.

However, similar ones can be found on Amazon for just £28.

The 74-year-old Duchess was spotted wearing the gadget while visiting Egypt and Jordan.

Camilla had previously revealed she tried ballet with a group of other over-50s during lockdown to keep fit.

She also explained she practices a “bit” of yoga and Pilates.

Camilla said: “It’s very good for you.

“It makes you much more supple.

“I think it’s very important as you get older to take exercise and stretch.”

In terms of food, the Duchess makes sure to eat a healthy and balanced diet to stay in shape.

It is reported the royal couple only consumes fresh and organic food taken from the grounds around Highgrove.

Camilla also said that she tries to get as many good fats in her diet as possible.

Good fats are foods such as avocados, fish and almonds.

After being offered an avocado during a trip to Singapore, she explained how “essential” it was to be “eating in the most healthy way”.

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