Declan Donnelly considers weight loss diet after Simon Cowell’s new look

Declan Donnelly, 43, has recently revealed he is impressed with Simon Cowell’s weight loss, and may even consider following his diet plan. Both men appear on Britain’s Got Talent, with Dec as a host and Simon a judge. In an interview to mark the launch of the new series, Dec praised the weight loss efforts of his co-star. Simon lost nearly one and a half stone after switching to a new diet.

Simon’s looking good. He’s gone all vegan…Is that the secret? I’ll have to look into that!

Declan Donnelly

Dec told the Daily Star: “Simon’s looking good. He’s gone all vegan.

“Vegan shepherd’s pie, vegan sausages, what’s that about?

“Is that the secret? I’ll have to look into that!”

What is the vegan diet? Is it good for weight loss?

A vegan diet avoids all products that come from animals – including meat, eggs and milk, or foods that are made using animal labour, such as honey.

Those who follow a vegan diet eat vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts.

The NHS advise vegan dieters to

  • Eat at least five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day
  • Base meals on potatoes, bread, rice, pasta or other starchy carbohydrates (choose wholegrain where possible)

  • Have some dairy alternatives, such as soya drinks and yoghurts (choose lower fat and lower sugar options)

  • Eat some beans, pulses and other proteins

  • Choose unsaturated oils and spreads, and eat in small amounts

  • Drink plenty of fluids (the government recommends six to eight cups or glasses a day)

Writing about the weight loss benefits, Healthline said: “Increasingly more people have decided to go vegan for ethical, environmental or health reasons.

“When done right, such a diet may result in various health benefits, including a trimmer waistline and improved blood sugar control.”

Simon Cowell has been following a strict diet plan following a health scare two years ago and advice from a doctor.

He has cut out fatty foods and sugar, and is now eating a mainly vegan diet.

Simon said: “Within a few weeks, I could see the difference. Cutting out sugar made a massive difference. The first few weeks were difficult, but then I stopped craving sugar. I have also found a brilliant gluten-free beer, which helps.”

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