Dr Michael Mosley on diet to burn fat and ‘not feel hungry’ – but expert gives warning

Weight loss: Dr Michael Mosley discusses the benefits of fasting

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Weight loss can seem daunting with so many different diet plans on the market. Dr Michael Mosley has shared the benefits of intermittent fasting while giving a warning to dieters.

Diet plans can be a good way to stay on track with fitness goals.

Dr Michael Mosley is the founder of The Fast 800, a form of intermittent fasting.

Those who follow the plan will restrict the times of day in which they eat rather than how much they eat.

They may choose to eat within a 12 hour window and fast for the remaining hours of the day.

Some will prefer to fast for longer and eat all their daily calories in just a few hours.

Dr Mosley said the best way to do time-restricted dieting will be different for everyone.

“How you start intermittent fasting very much depends on you and your sort of personality type,” he told Express.co.uk.

“I normally recommend that people start gradually.

“So, start by consuming your food in a 12 hour window, and fasting the rest of the time.”

Beginning with a larger eating window can help dieters get used to the plan.

The expert stated this can be reduced when slimmers are more comfortable.

“Once you’ve got used to that, move on to a 10 hour period of eating,” he added.

“One thing I would say is there is mounting evidence that it is better if you finish your evening meal earlier, rather than having a late meal, skipping breakfast, and then fasting until lunchtime.”

Sticking to the diet plan can help boost the metabolism, burn fat and slim the waistline.

However, those hoping to shed the pounds should be careful when on the plan.

Dr Mosley issued a warning for fasting in the hot weather as it can put more pressure on the body.

He stated: “Note that it is dangerous to fast in hot weather.

“The main thing is you need to drink a lot of water because you’re going to be losing a lot of water.”

Staying hydrated is always important, whether it is hot outside or not, the expert added.

He explained: “Whether it’s hot or not, I would suggest that you have water, herbal tea, some water with some lemon in or anything like that. Just knock it back.

“It’ll help to control hunger, but the main thing is it’ll stop you getting headaches and constipation.”

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