Ed Sheeran weight loss: Singer on losing huge 5st by avoiding one drink – ‘detox my life’

Ed Sheeran says he 'likes to sing' to daughter Lyra

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Ed Sheeran will perform at The Royal Variety Performance on Sunday, December 19, shown on ITV at 7:20pm. Fans will be reminded of the singer’s transformation, having lost a whopping five stone in recent years.

Ed has opened up about his weight struggles in the past, admitting that he weighed 15 stone after his most recent tour ended.

The West Yorkshire-born singer – who moved to Suffolk when he was a toddler – blamed heavy drinking and fried food for his weight gain.

But now Ed is five stone lighter and a healthy weight.

How did he do it?

Ed told The Sun that becoming a father made him realise he needed to change his lifestyle and become healthier.

He said his daughter, who was born in August 2020, was “the biggest motivation” for him to “detox my life”.

The singer explained that excessive drinking and partying put him in “dangerous” situations while he was on tour.

He also took to binge eating while relaxing at home, consuming microwave meals and lots of ice cream.

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“Taking time off and not being on tour was the worst thing for my health,” Ed said.

He added that he would drink “every single day”.

However, Ed decided to turn his life around, telling The Sun earlier this year: “I stopped three months before Lyra was born because I was determined I was going to be the person to drive my wife to the hospital.

“I was 15-and-a-half stone at my peak and I think I’m 10-and-a-half now – I was big, it really showed.

“I had a 36 waist – now I’m down to 28.

“I always knew I was big, but I knew why I was big, too: I loved chicken wings, wine, beer, and I never exercised.”

Ed went on to say that since becoming a father, he leads a “clean” lifestyle and does still consume alcohol occasionally, but doesn’t “drink two bottles” of wine like he used to.

The singer explained he doesn’t want to completely quit any foods or drinks because he feels he would “end up starting to try and binge it again”.

To maintain his ideal weight, Ed continues to be wary of what he puts in his body – eating fewer microwave meals and chicken wings, as well as drinking less beer.

Alcohol can not only contribute to weight gain, but it can also have a wide range of adverse effects on almost every part of the body, including the brain, bones, and heart, according to the NHS.

From dehydration to feeling the need to snack, and even interfering with sleep, drinking too much can lead to many health issues.

Cutting out alcohol if you drink in excess can bring about health benefits for your liver, heart, and body composition, according to Healthline.

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