Exercise: Best walking exercises to ‘shed fat’ – get the most out of your workout

Colson Smith discusses motivation behind weight loss

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Weight loss can often be hard for many, with so many different diets on the market to try. However, adding exercise to your daily routine could help assist in a slimmer’s weight loss journey.

The NHS recommends adults to partake in regular activity, which can have immediate and long-term effects.

Not only can it help slimmers lose weight, it can also benefit general health and reduce the risk of developing diseases.

Daily movement like walking can improve fitness levels as well as help to lose weight.

Walking for approximately one mile burns around 100 calories, and on average, should only take around 20 minutes or so.

Sean Lerwill, Health and Fitness Expert for Maximuscle, explained how exercising is great for burning calories.

He explained: “Depending on your weight and size, alongside the pace of the walk you set yourself, this will ultimately steer how many calories you can burn on a walk and how effective walking will be for weight loss. 

“The more you weigh, the more calories you will burn on an hourly basis. This is the same when it comes to the pace of your walking, the faster you walk, the faster you will burn calories and therefore the more weight you will lose! 

“We all know that walking can form part of a health and well-being plan. Any form of exercise is beneficial and better than none at all. The basics to losing weight are to be in a calorie deficit; this means you must burn more calories than you consume. 

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“There are a number of ways to ensure walking burns those calories, putting you into a calorie deficit and therefore helping you to lose weight.”

The expert also shared how walking extra fast is great for burning excess calories.

He said: “If you have ever tried a HIIT workout, you will probably know that the harder you workout, the more calories you burn. 

“Treat your walk in the same way you would a HIIT workout. Pick up your pace, ensure your gait is fully extended so you are stretching the muscles in your body such as your gastrocnemius and soleus, alongside giving your hamstrings a good stretch whilst setting your pace. 

“Interval training, as well as HIIT workouts, are a great way to get faster at walking over time. Instead of going for a long seven mile walk per week, try three 2.5 mile walks per week and for each one, increase the speed of your walks, aiming to knock a couple of minutes off your overall finish time.

“Interval walking will help you to increase your speed if you consistently stick to an exercise plan, slowly increasing the difficulty.”

Walking is perfect for the summer, meaning slimmers can also take advantage of the warm weather.

It is also an inexpensive form of exercising due to the majority of parks being free to use.

Sean went on: “Of course, it’s going to be easier on your body when walking on a flat, level ground. Why not change the trajectory of your walk? 

“Hiking up a hill can really increase your heart rate, which in turn gets your body pumping more blood, and the result of that is you burning more calories because your body is working harder to push more oxygen into your muscles. 

“A top tip to burn an extra 100 – 200 calories on a walk is to find a local hill, power up the hill (remember to engage your core) and avoid leaning over, and repeat several times in the way of interval training.”

The NHS even suggests that a brisk 10 minute walk is perfect for beginners. 

It can help build stamina and time can gradually be increased each day.

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