Fergie weight loss: Duchess found ‘happiness inside’ with ‘smart training’ and discipline

Fergie's comment which changed the way the public viewed her

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Sarah Ferguson, also known as Fergie, was once married to Prince Andrew and they have two children together, Princess Beatrice, 33, and Princess Eugenie, 31. The Duchess of York married the Queen’s second eldest son in 1986, but they divorced 10 years later. Sarah’s weight loss has been analysed as her weight fluctuated over her years as a working royal.

The Duchess has been very frank about the eating habits that led her to have weight issues in the past.

On The Today Show in 2015, Sarah explained she was “addicted” to food before shaping up.

She said: “My addiction was food.

“I used it to suppress my feelings and therefore every time I went through something – a salacious lie the media might tell about me – I ate to compensate.

“I got to a point where I just couldn’t bear looking at myself any minute longer.

“I was 190 pounds a year ago and I was miserable.

“You look at the top of the mountain, you think you’re never going to get there.”

But the Duchess is reportedly a dedicated fan of Gianluca Mech’s ketogenic approach to weight loss.

She previously revealed Gianluca was the key to her healthy diet that also improved her sleep and fitness.

Sarah said: “I’ve tried many different diets over the years, but when I heard about Gianluca Mech’s work, I decided to visit the University of Padua, one of Europe’s oldest seats of learning, where the research for the diet is carried out.

“I was impressed by what I heard, and the scientific evidence there is to show the benefits of a ketogenic diet and variants of it.”

The Duchess said she followed this diet for 18 months and it dramatically improved her weight and health.

Gianluca revealed Sarah likes savoury food more than sweet, so she particularly enjoyed bread, pasta and pizza.

He continued: “Sarah seems very happy to me.

“But as she herself has said to me: ‘Gianluca, you have to look for happiness inside yourself, not outside.’

“I think she’s satisfied with the diet, which offers pleasure without sin.”

In 2016, Sarah revealed she would eat foods including tomatoes, egg mayonnaise and mandarins to stay slim.

As well as changing her diet, Fergie previously spoke about her personal trainer Josh Salzmann.

She wrote on his website: “Fitness is mind, body and spirit, Josh always says…’Free your mind and your bottom will follow’… I personally believe in listening to your body and smart training.

“Don’t overtrain, and sleep and good nutrition are just as important.

“All of these values have been taught by Josh to me and I personally can say I have lost close to 50 pounds, by not overtraining and incorporating the above disciplines.”

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