Gregg Wallace had ‘three big meals’ a day to lose 4 stone – ‘made a big difference’

GMB: Gregg Wallace talks about his weight loss

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Gregg Wallace explained he lost weight thanks to a healthy diet consisting of three large meals, and a daily exercise routine.

The MasterChef judge shared the moment he realised he needed a lifestyle change: “I was overweight, I was eating all of the wrong things, I was boozing quite a bit.

“I was looking at myself getting bigger and bigger on the television.

“I had a good doctor that I had a good relationship with and he said ‘let’s do a blood test’ and he phoned me up and said ‘your cholesterol is through the roof’.

“I think doctors get worried if it’s [cholesterol level] over fine, and mine was nearly 14.

“He said ‘If we don’t change you’re going to be seriously ill, you’re heading for a heart attack’.

“I didn’t panic, I thought ‘this is what I need now to change’ and so I started looking around thinking ‘how can I be healthy?’”

He admitted trying “lots of diets” but they “didn’t particularly work” as he felt “hungry all the time”.

Instead, he followed a healthy and balanced diet consisting of “three big healthy meals a day”.

The presenter opted for filling meals so he wouldn’t have “to snack” during the day.

Gregg added: “I cut down the takeaways, I reduced the booze, but I’ve never, ever been on a diet.”

For breakfast, for instance, the presenter would have “boiled eggs, brown bread with chicken sausages or smoked fish on Ryvita with horseradish,” he explained.

“I always eat breakfast as I’ve just come out of the gym and I’m ravenous for protein,” Gregg added.

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The presenter also attributed his weight loss to a consistent exercise routine.

He explained: “In the last three years, I’ve been exercising five days a week.

“Monday to Friday is serious and Saturday and Sunday are just fun – I like to go for a swim but it’s still exercising.

“Fitness is at the centre of my working week, my gym sessions are the first things that go into my diary.

“Getting fit has made a big difference to my energy levels and helps me physically and mentally.

“I’ve realised that how you feel about yourself on a day-to-day basis may be the most important thing ever.

“It completely changed my life,” Gregg said.

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