Gregg Wallace weight loss: TV presenter shed 4st without dieting – ‘Changed my life!’

GMB: Gregg Wallace talks about his weight loss

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Gregg Wallace lost four and a half stone since 2017 when his doctor told him he needed to overhaul his lifestyle or risk being seriously ill and having a heart attack. The MasterChef presenter joined Good Morning Britain today where he spoke about the healthy eating plan and exercise routine he followed to initially shed the weight and now, to ensure he keeps himself healthy. 

GMB presenter Susanna Reid remarked: “Most people have a fruit bowl in their kitchen, you have a fruit tier.” 

Gregg said there was a good reason for this: “We didn’t fill that up because we were going to be on TV, there are five adults in the house and we all snack on a lot of fruit.” 

He was also asked about the contents of his fridge and whether that has changed over the years. 

Gregg admitted: “I eat a lot healthier. 

“This time of year, lots of people go on a diet – I’ve never been on a diet. 

“I like healthy eating, I eat a lot – I don’t like diets, I tried them and found I was always hungry.” 

Gregg said he has “never done fasting, never cut out carbs” as that is “restrictive” and claims you “can’t keep it up forever, [it’s] not sustainable”.  

“What’s going to happen when you stop, put weight back on again,” he added. 

Instead, Gregg likes to “eat three big health meals a day”. 

“Meals that fill me up,” he added. “I’m not hungry, I don’t snack, I cut out the takeaways and reduced the booze.” 

In terms of the types of meals Gregg eats, he has his own weight loss and fitness programme and he follows the healthy recipes on there.  

Susanna was also keen to find out what was said between Gregg and his doctor in 2017 that ultimately changed his life. 

“I was overweight, I was eating all of the wrong things, I was boozing quite a bit,” Gregg said. “I was looking at myself getting bigger and bigger on the television. 

“I had a good doctor that I had a good relationship with and he said ‘let’s do a blood test’ and he phoned me up and said ‘your cholesterol is through the roof’. 

“I think doctor’s get worried if its [cholesterol level] is over fine, and mine was nearly 14. 

“He said ‘If we don’t change you’re going to be seriously ill, you’re heading for a heart attack’. 

“I didn’t panic, I thought ‘this is what I need now to change’ and so I started looking around thinking ‘how can I be healthy?’ 

“I tried lots of diets,” he continued. “They didn’t particularly work for me, I was hungry all the time. 

“So bit by bit, I taught myself what was healthy and what I could and couldn’t eat – it completely changed my life.

“Look, there are what I call ‘three horsemen of the get fat apocalypse – and I was doing all three – booze, takeaway and snacking. 

“Now I’m not suggesting we stop all of them,” Gregg added. “But if we can get a handle on it, start to reduce it, then we go a long way to improving our fitness.”

He went on to say how he still enjoys a beer at the rugby, the odd glass of wine and the occasional takeaway. 

Gregg also admitted he has put on half a stone over Christmas, “but I know now how to get rid of it, and that isn’t by doing anything crazy, that isn’t doing anything radical, that’s because I know what healthy living is all about”. 

In terms of exercise, Gregg said the “gym is great if you want to sculpt your body” but you need to “lose the fat first” if you want to look athletic and lean. 

Gregg, who is approaching his 60th birthday said the gym is “not how you lose weight”. 

“You need to be eating properly – the gym can help you, it can speed it [weight loss] up, but you can’t do it if your diet is bad.”

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