‘I don’t diet!’ Amanda Holden shares her weekly ‘quick fix’ to maintain slim figure

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Amanda Holden, 51, has an incredible figure and while she watches how much she eats, the Britain’s Got Talent star doesn’t deny herself tasty food and alcohol. So what does the Heart FM Breakfast Show host eat on a daily basis to stay slim? 

Amanda has a mantra: “Life is too short to be strict.” 

She explained: “I don’t believe in half-fat anything. I have full-fat yoghurt, butter and cheese. 

“And I splurge on weekends. I love wine. 

“I eat everything. Drink everything,” she remarked. 

“I had a friend once who didn’t make it to her 50s and her biggest regret was she spent her life on a diet. 

“I don’t diet. I think a little bit of everything is fine.” 

Amanda isn’t vegan, but she doesn’t eat meat and credits feeling great to her vegetarian diet. 

“For me, it’s lots of avocado, chickpeas and quinoa salads. 

“I’ve been vegetarian since I was 15, but I do eat fish. 

“The children are vegetarian too, and Chirs [Amanda’s husband] eats meat, so I often make three different meals,” she told the Daily Mail. 

Every week however, Amanda likes to go on a mini juice cleanse. 

She explained: “Once a week, I stick to juicing all day, then have a healthy meal in the evening. 

“I like cucumber, spinach, apples and lime. 

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“I always notice a difference in my skin,” goodto.com published. 

Juice diets are a supposed ‘quick fix’ regime, promising dramatic weight loss in a relatively short timeframe. 

The calorie intake is usually very restricted on juice diets. 

They also claim other health benefits such as ‘detoxing’ the liver, clearer skin and improved mood. 

Amanda has also admitted to sitting down on a Saturday night, every two weeks and ordering a curry to enjoy with her family.

The presenter also explains how she drinks “loads of water – a lot of coconut water”. 

But believes her young looks is down to “genetics” and not diet or exercise. 

“My nan looks amazing at 97,” she said. 

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