‘I feared I would embarrass my partner’ Woman loses 8st with simple change -now ‘stunning’

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Weight loss is something many people struggle with, and without the motivation, only a few succeed at it. For Georgianne, who struggled with her weight since her brother was murdered and had to move to a homeless shelter, it was a long journey, but she finally found happiness after she lost eight stone. How did she do it?

Georgianne explained: “I have been overweight for most of my adult life, I began developing terrible habits when I was in secondary school due to my poor mental health as a young teenager.

“I faced a lot of difficulties with severe anxiety and depression and my older brother was murdered when I was 14, which again, was incredibly difficult to deal with it at such a young age.

“So I had battled through to an adult with some poor eating habits such as comfort eating as a stress response and also not eating all day long, until late at night.

“Then I got caught up in the 2015 Paris terror attack which was the cherry on top, I was in the worst mental headspace ever. I moved into a homeless shelter for young adults, and tried to rebuild my life, then I met my new partner and things began to look up,” she explained.

“I fell pregnant in 2016 but I comfort ate, resulting in me gaining five stone across the pregnancy.

“It took me a while to get back into the gym following an emergency c-section and the struggles of new motherhood but when I finally managed to 13 months later, I became pregnant for the second time, where I gained a further two stone,” she admitted.

“At that point I was 18 stone 6lbs in a size 20/2XL and more depressed than ever. I felt monumental guilt as a mum because I was tired all the time, I couldn’t play and run around with my children like I should have been able to, they were the reason I decided to turn my life around. I wanted to be around to see them grow up,” she explained.

But how did she manage to lose eight stone?

“I got back in touch with my friend and coach Eddie Abbew and we put together a meal plan which consisted of proteins, vegetables and healthy fats, as well as lots of water.

“I focused mostly on my eating habits but I also did a few garden workouts whilst the weather was nice, with very limited equipment that my coach let me borrow whilst the gym was closed, I even made some makeshift weights from home. The main focus was my eating which is how I lost the bulk of my almost eight stone loss.”

Georgianne admitted that after losing so much weight, her life completely changed.

“I feel alive now, whereas before I felt like I merely existed.

“My children have their mum back, I’m able to play and run about without tiring within minutes,” she said.

“I have more confidence to leave the house and do things whereas before I never wanted to leave the house because of how I looked and the lack of clothing I had that actually fitted me, I was permanently embarrassed.

“I want my children to have a mum they are proud of. I’m healing and recovering from the events throughout my life that had lead me down such a dark mental spiral resulting in my physical body suffering hugely. I feel much more confident now, it’s still a work in progress but I’m working on it nonetheless.”

She continued: “I used to dread any event before such as birthdays, weddings etc as I knew I’d struggle to find clothing or things that looked nice.

“I used to fear I would embarrass my partner as I was so big although he always loved me and was proud of me at every size, he knew the difficulties I had faced and how much I was overcoming,” she explained.

“My family threw me a surprise weight loss party when I hit 100lbs too, which was a lovely milestone. I’m excited to finally discover who I am, rediscover my own style and become a stronger person, I’ve neglected myself for too long. “

In a recent Instagram picture Georgianne shared documenting her transformation she said: “I remember asking Max to take a picture of us in one of my favourite places, but then wanting to cry when I saw it. All I see now, is the new mum, who’d had a tough time, who deserved so much more than the self-hate she regularly delivered but who has spent every day since, fighting to not only survive, but thrive.”

Many social media users celebrated her achievement with one, Ellen George, saying: “Wow! Stunning mum. You look incredible, well done.”

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