‘Improve your mood!’ Seven steps to ‘lose weight and start living again’

Weight loss advice shared by Steve Miller in 2019

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With around 7.5 million people in England alone swallowing antidepressant tablets to help them live a life better, it’s no surprise that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice), recently issued advice to GPs to prescribe alternatives, including therapy for those patients struggling with mild to moderate levels of depression. Antidepressant tablets can make losing weight a tough struggle, with evidence suggesting that possible side effects include increased appetite and weight gain. So, what can be done? Express.co.uk spoke to Hypnotherapist and TV regular Steve Miller and Consultant Health Psychologist Dr Sue Peacock about the world’s first Hypno AntiDepressant (H.A.D) which can help those with poor mental health lose weight. 

With NHS mental health resources tight, what additional support can those struggling with depression access, to help them lose weight and start living again?

Express.co.uk has been given exclusive access to the world’s first Hypno AntiDepressant (H.A.D) incorporating Hypno AntiAnxiety, which has been acknowledged as a ‘Health Innovation’.

Developed by Steve Miller and Dr Sue Peacock the components of the Hypno AntiDepressant are evidence based, and include hypnotherapy, motivational coaching, and nutritional support.

Steve said: “Dr Sue Peacock and I decided to collaborate because we realised that our talents complemented each other. Seeing so many people struggling with depression, I wanted to develop a creative professional support that would help people to manage their depression, lose weight and start living again.” 

Together they have created seven ‘secrets’ for someone with poor mental health to follow and lose weight. 

Secret 1: Eat A Mood Enhancing Diet

Steve explained: “Whilst a balanced diet cannot necessarily cure depression, it can improve your mood and will certainly help you to feel better about yourself.” 

i) Add in food groups high in B vitamins such as poultry, eggs, green leafy vegetables, and yoghurt.

ii) Ensure foods high in vitamin C are included such as oranges, strawberries, and grapefruit.

iii) Eat foods with omega 3 including fish such as mackerel, salmon, and sardines. Other Omega 3 foods include walnuts, and flax seeds.

iv) Drink six to eight glasses of non-caffeinated fluids during a day. This will help you feel fresh and alert.

Secret 2: Exercise For Pleasure Not Pain

The experts said: “It’s no secret that exercise helps you to feel better about yourself. But the biggest mistake is that people often exercise as they think they must do, such as joining a gym. 

“Instead, make sure that you exercise for emotional pleasure not pain. So, if taking the dog for a walk enhances your mood more than pumping the gym, do that instead. 

“And remember that it doesn’t have to be lots of exercise, just getting your body moving will mean you experience benefit. 

“Write down your exercise goal today, no matter how small and consider trying out a few alternatives such as walking in the countryside, swimming or even horse riding. 

“Remember, it is all about the emotional pleasure and not the pain.” 

Secret 3: Build A Routine

Steve added: “When you are depressed, it is often difficult to motivate yourself, so developing a routine will help. Sometimes you can’t think about what to do and the day just passes without achieving anything. These actions will help improve your routine.”

i) As soon as you get up in a morning, adjust your body language, stand tall and start the day as you mean to go on. This will immediately help you to feel positive.

ii) Keep in contact with supportive friends and family, shutting out those who drain you.

iii) Write a rough timetable for the day or week ahead so that you have an aspirational focus as this will enhance your mood.

Secret 4: Keep Your Mind Pumped

“How you see things will affect your mood,” Steve commented. “Often the problem is not the problem; the problem is the way we look at the problem, and that is what causes the problem. It is therefore important to keep your mind as positively focused as can be reasonably achieved.” Do this by:

i) Learn and practice relaxation to quieten your mind. Find a place where you can take 15 minutes to sit quiet, breathing freely and easily, and allowing your mind to release all the unnecessary mindset tension on each out breath.

ii) Recognise your negative automatic thoughts and how they trigger your depressed mood. Take action to reframe them to become more positive so that you retrain your mind to be more positive about you, your life and your future. For example, rather than saying ‘I will always feel low and never achieve anything’ say ‘right now I am experiencing a change and a time where I allow myself to work through issues, and when I come out the other side I will achieve exactly what I am determined to achieve’.

iii) Don’t stay static for too long, making sure you have a change of scenery which will also help to stop your mind wandering, and help to prevent your mind focusing on negative and upsetting thoughts and emotions.

Secret 5: Implement Mood Magic

Steve added: “Creating a happier mood means bringing in things that automatically trigger a more positive mood.” Do this by:

i) Changing the colour scheme within your environment so that it includes more yellow.

ii) Pin photos around that immediately trigger feelings of happiness.

iii) Place items around the house that align to a future happy event or a life goal.

iv) Get more light. You will have heard the phrase ‘he/she is in a dark place’. There is a reason for that. A lack of light can lower the mood so it is important to get enough light. Consider walking in daylight for an hour a day and if you work indoors make sure you get out at lunchtime even if it is raining. If you are unable to walk then consider getting a daylight bulb to get enough ‘natural light’.

Secret 6: Take A Virtual Spoonful Of Positive Medicine Daily

The experts revealed: “The subconscious mind cannot often distinguish what is real and what is not. This is a big positive because it means that you can trigger and experience positive emotions by simply using your imagination. Just think back to the time you had a super holiday and note how it automatically triggers positive emotions you experienced back then. You can use this hypnotic phenomenon every single day to trigger positivity emotions.” Here’s how:

i) Sit somewhere safe and where you will not be disturbed for five minutes.

ii) Close your eyes, put your hands on your thighs and take several deep breaths to help you relax.

iii) Then imagine using one of your hands that you are getting a spoonful of positive medicine. A medicine that makes you feel uplifted, positive and optimistic too.

iii) Lift your hand and imagine you are holding a spoonful of positive medicine. Bring it slowly towards your mouth, open your mouth and imagine taking the super positive medicine.

iv) Having imagined the positive medicine being taken, lick your lips and activate a swallow, being mentally aware that you have swallowed the spoonful of imaginary positive medicine.

v) Imagine the medicine going down comfortably and immediately sending positive sensations to your mind.

vi) Finally, deliberately smile, open your eyes, and enjoy a positive day ahead knowing you can return to take further spoons of the imaginary positive medicine whenever you want.

Secret 7: Reward Yourself And Mind Party

“It is crucial you that you reward your progress,” Steve advised. “The doom of depression can often make you think that you cannot enjoy life, and do not deserve to laugh, party, or treat yourself to something nice. Incinerate that thinking immediately.”

i) Reward yourself for weekly progress, buying something that makes you feel good and enhances your mood, preferably not alcohol.

ii) Mentally party as you think through your progress. And if there have been a few hiccups, still party, knowing that you are going to take action again, no matter how small those actions are.

iii) Always remember, things do work out in the end, and command that to your mind, making you feel a sense of optimism.

Steve concluded with: “Over the years I have seen depression kill an individual’s much needed weight loss, be it because of the side effects of antidepressant medication, emotional eating challenges or a lack of motivation. Thankfully now, I have brought a solution that gives obese people struggling with depression, a hope and optimism.”

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