‘It really works!’ Couple share diet that helped them lose 12st just in time for wedding

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People lose weight for a variety of reasons, but for Manchester-based couple Liam, 32 and Hannah, 29 Jordan turned their lives around for their wedding day. In the space of two years, the pair lost 11.5 stone (73.1kg) in weight. They spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about their weight loss journey. 

Liam and Hannah decided to lose weight when Liam proposed, and 24 months on, he is now a healthy 13 stone, having originally tipped the scales at 20 stone. 

Hannah dropped from 13 stone to eight and a half stone in the same amount of time. 

The couple chose Protein Works’ meal replacements and healthy snacks to help them, and as a result, they were able to achieve their weight loss goals and feel their best on their wedding day.

Speaking about why they chose to have meal replacements, Liam said: “There’s often a negative stigma attached to meal replacement products, but I can honestly say (and evidentially prove) that they do work. You have to have a plan and you have to stick to it, keep everything within reason and ensure that it fits within your lifestyle. 

“Hannah and I have very intense jobs, so we don’t always have time to go the gym or make three meals per day, so diet meal replacements were ideal for what we needed. They have lots of protein and slow digesting carbohydrates, so you feel full, but the calorie count is kept low.”

He continued: “I have one meal replacement per day alongside calories counted meals we prepared at home. The meal replacement would usually replace either breakfast or lunch.”

But how did he get past the urge to eat something different or something unhealthy? Liam revealed: “We found routine really helped us. 

“It may sound a little dull but limiting the options actually made things easier as you weren’t tempted to try and get overly creative. Taking the thought process out of it all really helped you stop thinking about food as much.”

Liam also revealed the point in his weight loss journey when he felt the most fully invested in his goals. 

“The first big jump in clothes really set us on our way,” he said. “There is nothing more satisfying than being able to see a visible difference. That took us both approximately six weeks.”

Hannah added: “Snacking always used to be a problem for us, but we soon realised that eating between meals didn’t have to dramatically increase calorie counts. 

“Our main go-to is protein bars – they have satisfying textures and flavours, but you don’t feel the usual guilt of having too much sugar. We opted for high in fibre, low in sugar snacking alternatives, which fuelled us for the whole day. I’d say the key to snacking is to find something healthy that doesn’t compromise on flavour or taste.”

The couple shared their daily meal routine: 

Breakfast: Meal replacement shake or cereal

Lunch: Meal replacement shake or calorie-controlled, home-made meal (under 650kcal)

Afternoon Snack: Loaded Legend / Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bars / Superfood Bites

Dinner: Calorie-controlled, home-made meal (under 650kcal)

As for how much it cost, Liam said: “Each meal replacement shake costs on average £1.12 per day. Each snack on average cost £1.81, so we spent on average £2.93 per person, per day on the Protein Works range. This took care of one meal and one snack per day. 

“When compared against buying something like a meal deal whilst out and about or going shopping for bits and pieces it was significantly cheaper. 

“It also cut down significantly on both food waste and packaging waste as with one 4Kg bag or meal replacement you are using one bag for 57 meals and a reusable shaker. This was also a big consideration for us as we want to be as environmentally responsible as possible.”

For more information, please visit https://www.proteinworks.com

Liam and Hannah’s wedding photos were taken by Lisa Webb. 

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