Jane McDonald weight loss: Singer lost 4st despite cruise ship temptations – ‘feel fantast

Jane McDonald discusses changing her diet in 2016

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Jane McDonald became an overnight celebrity in 1998 when she led Chris Terrill’s documentary The Cruise, seen by an incredible 14 million per episode. Since 2017, Jane has returned to ship life with Cruising with Jane McDonald. She shared how she lost weight and stays slim despite the boundless food temptations cruise ships have to offer.

Jane McDonald took part in ITV’s Sugar Free Farm, an educational boot camp that saw some famous faces eradicate sugar from their diet.

Jane lost a whopping 9lbs in just two weeks.

She stated: “I went on Sugar Free Farm for ITV, and I didn’t think I was overweight when I went in there, but I changed my diet.

“I just feel so much better. I’ve got so much more energy.”

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She continued: “I look different and I feel fantastic, and that’s just by cutting out sugar from my diet,” she told Lorraine.

When a person stops consuming carbs, they go into a state of ketosis where the body starts burning stored fat rather than sugar.

Those undertaking a keto diet weight loss programme eat fewer than 50g of carbohydrates per day, which is approximately three slices of bread, a cup of low-fat yoghurt, or two small bananas, according to WebMD.

Extremely low carb diets are “uncomfortable” for the body at first, so it is essential that slimmers consume enough protein, stated weight loss guru, Dr Michael Mosley.

However, a low carb diet can help people who suffer from metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes.

However, it is extremely difficult to maintain a restrictive diet onboard a cruise ship.

The singer tries to “cut down” when onboard a ship, she told PA.

“If I have breakfast, I don’t have lunch. If I have a lunch, I don’t eat breakfast.

She also avoids white flour and crisps, and opts for a healthy green smoothie, boasting raw greens, flax seeds, spinach and kale, every other morning.

While she doesn’t eat “everything that I could eat” on a cruise, she tries not to restrict herself too much.

“I don’t want to be on a diet on a cruise because I want people to see what they can have.

“If I’m going, ‘Oh no, I can’t have that, then what’s the point of going on a cruise? So, I have a taste of everything, no matter what it is, just so that people can see everything about it.

But it’s not just her diet choice that keeps Jane toned and slim.

In conversation with Lorraine, she revealed that when preparing for her tour, Making Memories, she was doing a lot of dancing – “Supremes” style.

Jane fans were quick to notice her transformation and often flock to her social media to compliment the star’s looks.

On her most recent Instagram post, @val.regan stated: “another day looking fabulous.”

Under another photo where Jane showed off her lean legs whilst filming in the Caribbean, @lovejoy_mama commented: “How wonderful you look.”

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