Jeremy Clarkson weight loss: The presenter lost 2st in weeks by following royal example

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Jeremy Clarkson, 61, hosted Top Gear for years before moving on to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? The presenter dropped a few pounds in a short period of time following a royal example. 

Jeremy Clarkson has recently lost an impressive amount of weight.

The presenter dropped two stone in just a few weeks by changing his diet and lifestyle.

Jeremy explained he followed a strict diet based on salads.

As for exercise, the broadcaster started cycling regularly.

But what made him decide to lose weight and start his fitness journey?

Jeremy explained a trip to Vietnam made him realise he had to change his lifestyle.

“I went on a gap year! I went on a gap year to Indochina.

“They just have a better diet out there.

“Plus I had a bicycle rather than a car.

“Cycling is not a good thing to do, I’m all broken as a result of it but I did lose a lot of weight.

“Where I was staying was separated from the small town by a mountain but it was much bigger than Everest,” he told Jonathan Ross.

The presenter also reduced his alcohol intake, which has proven to help a lot of people to lose weight.

Jeremy explained: “It was only three kilometres and I cycled it every day.

“I said ‘I can’t have a drink unless I cycle into town’. I wanted to get fit.”

However, he admitted he does not enjoy going to the gym.

Jeremy has previously explained he follows a royal example when it comes to his diet.

“The Queen doesn’t go to the gym and she doesn’t run and she’s 93 and she’s all right.

“Apparently she only has a forkful, she only has a tiny bit, that’s what I’ve heard.

“She’ll sit down and just have one little bit of mousse and bit of a lettuce leaf,” he told the Sun.

Jeremy has maintained his slim figure and stays in good shape by going on walks and working on his farm.

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