Kate Middleton maintains ‘enviable figure’ with sport and is ‘advocate for healthy eating’

Kate Middleton is a ‘terrific role model’ for women says Levin

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Tina Manahai, the Managing Director and Co-Owner of Healthy Supplies, an online healthy food shop, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about Kate Middleton’s health and fitness programme. Tina said: “Kate is well known for maintaining her enviable figure through a great exercise plan and healthy diet. Like many of the royals, she rarely gives interviews into these aspects of her life however sources close to the royal couple suggest that Kate’s exercise regime focuses on core strength and yoga, with Kate incorporating different plank positions into her daily workout.

“We hear that she loves raw dishes including watermelon salad, gazpacho, goji berries and ceviche.

“It is reported that she enjoys smoothies in the morning and afternoon containing some of our favourite superfoods such as kale, almond milk, spirulina, matcha, spinach and blueberries.

“Kate’s gorgeous glowing skin implies she gets her daily doses of vitamins and minerals and knows how important it is to hydrate!

“We hear that she loves raw dishes including watermelon salad, gazpacho, goji berries and ceviche!

“Whilst she has admitted that like the rest of us, she enjoys traditional hearty British food like roast dinners, she ensures she follows the rule of calories in vs calories out, ensuring she doesn’t eat in a caloric surplus.”

Royal fans are always eager to know how to emulate Kate Middleton’s healthy glow.

Tina continued: “To achieve Kate’s gorgeous glow we advocate eating the right foods. The best foods for healthy, glowing skin are things rich in omegas.

“Avocados, walnuts, Brazil nuts and flaxseeds and fantastic sources of these, as well as containing omegas, these superfoods are rich in vitamin E and selenium.

“Green tea is a great source of antioxidants, so we love enjoying a cup of matcha each morning to get our caffeine kick as well as to boost our antioxidant intake.

“Cutting down on sugar and processed foods is also key. Make sure you hydrate and drink lots of water and adopt a good skincare routine.

“Ensuring you are washing your face morning and night, and moisturising. We touch our face constantly through the day, so make sure you are washing your hand’s lots to ensure you aren’t spreading bacteria to your face.”

Tina also offered Express.co.uk readers some nutritional advice which the Duchess of Cambridge likely follows.

She added: “We love using free apps such as My Fitness Diary or My Net Diary to ensure we are getting the right balance of carbs, fats and protein.

As well as monitoring our vitamin intake. Being aware of what we put in our bodies is the first step to achieving a balanced diet.

It’s so easy to mindlessly eat. Food is fuel, so if we fuel our body up with the right things we will find it works better.

“We are big advocates of a wholefood, plant-based diet. Eating foods that are as close to their original state as possible.

“Key research shows that a wholefood, plant-based diet are one of the best ways to lower risks of heart and stroke issues, as well as regulating blood sugar levels, maintaining gut health and improving skin.”

Tina offered her expertise on what it is about Kate Middleton that enables her to be so talented at sports.

She said: “Kate has been referred to as one of the sportiest royals! Her love of sports appears to have started at a young age, with her being a standout athlete at boarding school – enjoying cross country running, swimming, hockey, and tennis.

“Even when she is on vacation she is engaging in active hobbies such as skiing and rowing. It’s clear that Kate has found sports that she enjoys, which is clearly a driving factor in her participation.

“With her hectic life, it’s no wonder that exercise is so important to her. Exercising regularly lowers a person’s risk of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. It also helps you maintain a healthy weight.

“Exercising is also super important for our mental health, both as a stress reliever and as it releases happy endorphins into our body – which trigger a positive feeling in the body.”

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