Keto diet helped this woman shed fat after she gave up one drink to shed 3.7 stone

A woman has revealed how the keto diet has helped her lose weight, alongside ditching alcohol.

The proud Reddit user took to the public social media site to share her weight loss journey and celebrate her sobriety.

She said: “Celebrating one year sober and 53lbs lost!”

The 28-year-old woman was roundly praised by Reddit users for her amazing progress.

Keto diet: This woman have up one kind of drink for 3.7 stone weight loss

She revealed that she went sober for her health and personal development.

The Reddit user revealed: “The first 20 to 25 pounds fell off in the first 90 days after I stopped drinking. Then I started changing my eating habits.”

What diets did she follow? The young women turned to the very popular keto diet.

She said: “ I did keto for a while and dropped some weight, did optavia and lost ten more pounds.”

What is optavia? The programme was created by the team behind Medifast, and it sells healthy food products. The diet essentially encourages and low calorie approach with a high protein calorie intake to protect muscles.

She summed up her diet plan, and wrote: “Basically (I) just try to limit carbs, and do high protein and veggies.”

Continuing to explain her weight loss method, the woman wrote: “I go to the gym 3-4 times per week. Thirty mins cardio every time, then weight lighting.

“I do abs every time and then switch between arms and legs.”

The brave internet user also discussed how she managed to give up alcohol.

She said: “I had a moment where I realized (sic) my life had become unmanageable with alcohol (everyone’s moment is different).

“I wasn’t growing into the woman I wanted to become. I knew if I didn’t stop, I was going to lose everything I had worked for.

“I made many lifestyle choices early on (moving in with an amazing woman who is like my second mom, distancing myself from drinking friends) so I would be in the best possible place for success. I’m a very stubborn person – for better or for worse – a trait I used in my favor (sic) on this journey.”

Another man revealed the keto weight loss diet plan that helped him to lose 6.7 stone. He wrote: “Starting out for the first six months it was pretty strict keto 75-20-5.

“I was under 20 net carbs a day pretty much the whole time.

“Now I’m probably 50-40-10 I haven’t tracked them in a while because I am maintaining.”

What are the best keto foods? Keto-friendly foods include seafood, meat, cheese, and low-carb vegetables and fruit, such a berries.

Banned on the diet plan are pasta, bread, root vegetables and high carb fruits like bananas.

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