Keto diet plan: How to get into ketosis quickly – expert weight loss secret revealed

A fat fast can help trigger ketosis in the body, experts have claimed.

Ketosis is when the body switches from using carbohydrates for fuel to fat.

To do this the body must be getting mostly fat in its diet.

One woman revealed how the keto diet plan helped her to lose six stone. 

Keto diet plan: How to get into ketosis quickly – eat these foods

However, triggering ketosis can be hard for many, but there is way to trigger it quickly.

Website Healthline stated: “‘Fat fasting’ is another ketone-boosting approach that mimics the effects of fasting.”

This type of fast allows dieters to eat, but the vast majority of their calories should come from fat.

On a fat fast you may eat 1000 calories per day, with 85 to 90 per cent of calories from fat.

The website said: “This combination of low calorie and very high fat intake may help you achieve ketosis quickly.”

Keto specialist website added: “This fast should be followed for no more than three to five days.

“If you follow the fat fast for a longer period, you run the risk of getting your body into starvation mode, losing muscles and getting deficient in essential nutrients.”

The website also warned that those who are “keto-adapted”, who have already followed the keto diet for around three or four weeks at least, should try the diet.

Otherwise, the changes to the body might be too uncomfortable to deal with.

It is important to take a multivitamin when doing a fat fast, and to void intensive exercise.

A typical day on the diet might include coffee with cream for breakfast and buttered spinach and salmon for dinner.

How can you check if the keto diet plan is working for you? 

The usual breakdown for a keto diet is to get 70 per cent to 80 per cent of your daily calories from fat.

Twenty to 25 per cent should come from fat and five – 10 per cent from carbs.

Suzannah Robin, who is behind a new device to test whether someone is in ketosis, revealed how to tell if you are in ketosis.

She said: “There are a variety of ways to tell whether your body is in ketosis. Some methods are more reliable than others as they depend on physical signals that aren’t always consistent and could be indicative of something else, such as bad breath.”

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