Lady Amelia Windsor follows vegan diet and ‘the most challenging abdominal exercises’

Lady Amelia Windsor arrives at Miu Miu fashion show

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Lady Amelia Windsor is known for her stunning figure and is often spotted in the front row of fashion shows. Amelia, 26, previously revealed her secret to staying in shape by filming her gruelling workout regime inside the stylish Workshop Gymnasium in Knightsbridge, London. Joined by her personal trainer Lee Mullins at the upmarket gym inside the five star Bulgari Hotel, the granddaughter of the Duke of Kent shared her routine in a video for Tatler.

Wearing head-to-toe Adidas by Stella McCartney, the young royal revealed her exercise routine to stay in such good shape.

In the clip, the 43rd in line to the throne, who introduced herself as Mel, showed off the “World’s Greatest Stretch With Downward Dog” – a combination of classical yoga moves.

This was before doing soft tissue work for “the whole body”.

Lee explained Lady Amelia started working with him to help prepare for a 10-kilometre race two years ago but has never stopped coming back.

She performed moves that are designed to help mobilise the tightest parts of the body including the back, hips and hamstrings.

After starting in a yoga plank, they moved onto a side bridge with hip circles before dipping into single leg side planks.

Trainer Lee explained that this was an exercise for working abs and glutes.

Amelia did this by placing a resistance band above the knee and balancing her leg in a circular motion.

Lee said that the single-leg side plank is one of “the most challenging abdominal exercises anyone can do”, yet Amelia seemed to perform it with ease.

Amelia, who has been dubbed “the most beautiful royal”, balanced one leg on a bench and supported her upper body with just her forearm.

Later she used lifting weights in order to tone her triceps, which Lee explained is a common request from his clients.

The young royal, who graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2018, showed off her impressive strength with a lying tricep extension.

She lay flat on her back on a bench with her feet on the ground.

Amelia then held a dumbbell in each hand and extended her arm up and behind her head.

She then lifted her hips off the bench so that the glute muscles were also being worked.

Known for her sleek frame, Amelia – the daughter of Sylvana Tomaselli and George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews – is often pictured leaving the gym or around London in workout gear.

In terms of her diet, Amelia has also started her research on the vegan lifestyle.

In 2019, she posted about her vegan lifestyle on Instagram.

Lady Amelia Windsor is a hardcore environmentalist and a model who has worked for many animal rights campaigns.

In January 2020, the royal posted a video on YouTube where she shared her plant-based recipe for Thai Green Curry.

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