Laura Hamilton: Place In The Sun host on ‘fat burning’ keto diet plan – ‘lots of benefits’

Laura Hamilton works out with trainer Harry Sellers

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Laura Hamilton is a television presenter best known for fronting A Place In The Sun. Speaking exclusively to, she opened up about her diet and exercise regimes.

The television favourite will regularly share her fitness tips in view of her 126,000 Instagram followers.

During the coronavirus lockdown, she has uploaded videos as she has completed workouts from home.

Speaking to, Laura also shared using the health tracking app Lifesum has helped her stay on track.

“For me it’s all about structure and routine,” she said. “I always find it beneficial working out first thing in the morning and then I feel set, ready and energised for the day. 

“I work out then have a nutritious breakfast using one of the recipes from my Lifesum app.”

When living a healthy lifestyle, both nutrition and exercise are key.

The television presenter opened up on the diet plans which help keep her healthy and feeling energised. 

Laura credited the low-carb ketogenic diet for staying fit and for providing health benefits.

What is the ketogenic diet plan?

Laura explained: “A ketogenic diet is when you cut back on the amount of sugar and carbs you eat and put your body into a metabolic state of ketosis. 

“When you are in ketosis your body becomes very efficient at burning fat for energy. 

“A ketogenic diet isn’t just about weight loss there are other health benefits helping fight against cancer, epilepsy and diabetes.”

When following a ketogenic diet plan, those hoping to stay fit will often cut back on how many carbs they eat.

Instead, they can fill up on foods high in fat and which have a moderate protein content.

Laura shared one of her favourite ketogenic recipes which consists of salmon and cauliflower rice, found on the Lifesum app.

She explained: “[I have] a fillet of salmon, cooked in a pinch of salt and some butter with spinach and spicy cauliflower rice.”

Health and wellbeing is important to the 38-year-old and she added there are some things she won’t eat.

Sipping on fruit juice may seem like a healthy option, but it is often high in sugar.

“I used to drink a lot of fresh juice. I now avoid it as it’s full of sugar,” Laura said.

Instead, the mother-of-two likes to start the day with a black coffee and drink plenty of water.

“I enjoy an Americano first thing and drink plenty of water throughout the day,” she concluded.

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