Lenny Henry weight loss: Actor lost 3st by adding one thing to his diet – ‘it has worked!’

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Lenny Henry is a well-known British comedian. The actor impressed fans after he went through a dramatic body transformation. But how did he manage to lose so much weight?

The actor recently opened up about his weight loss journey.

He explained he managed to lose three stone thanks to a simple change in his diet, as well as an increase in exercise and fitness.

Lenny revealed that increasing the amount of vegetables he was eating incredibly helped him to lose weight.

“What’s my secret?

“Well, it’s eating broccoli and not much else.

“It has worked!” the star explained.

Lenny also admitted his secret was not only a healthier diet but a consistent workout routine.

“I’ve also been running a lot,” he said.

The actor explained that after being diagnosed with diabetes in 2014, he realised he had to change his lifestyle completely.

“I’m a bit diabetic, so I was put on a very strict diet.

“I’ve lost between two and a half and three stone.

“I was big.”

Lenny explained he cut out sugar and started practising yoga.

The comedian admitted he also cut down on alcohol completely.

“You’ve got to eat no sugar and drink hardly any alcohol…

“All the stuff you like.

“You can’t Hobnob your way through the day,” he explained.

He also decided to cut out sweet treats like biscuits during his weight loss journey.

“It’s lots of greens, lots of juice and lots of walking.

“Swimming is good,” he added.

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