Lorraine Kelly shed 1.5st by making 2 diet changes

Lorraine Kelly discusses empty nest syndrome

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Like many, Lorraine Kelly put on weight during lockdown, but having joined WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) as an ambassador, the TV star lost a stone in just six weeks. Since following the eating plan, she has lost 21lbs in total, that’s equivalent to 1.5 stone. 

Lorraine, 62, went up two dress sizes over the last couple of years. 

Having publicly admitted how she wanted to get back in shape, WW contacted her and she joined their eating plan back in January. 

Speaking in an Instagram live last month, the TV star said: “It was around Christmas time and I thought ‘I need to do something’. 

“I was feeling really bloated and no energy. I had gone up a couple of dress sizes – Covid overeating – and I thought ‘I need to do something.’” 

It wasn’t until March when Lorraine’s WW coach Suzy started sharing her weight loss results. 

“Woweee! In just SIX weeks @lorrainekellysmith has not only gone and got her STONE AWARD but she’s gone above and beyond it losing a whopping FIFTEEN pounds! AMAZING!!! Well done Lorraine… How do you feel?” She wrote alongside an image of the presenter. 

By June, Lorraine was celebrating dropping two dress sizes. 

Suzy posted an image of the presenter standing on scales and wrote: “Woweeee! What a day! Please join me in congratulating @lorrainekellysmith for getting to Goal and reaching WW GOLD STATUS!!

“Lorraine has dropped 21lb resulting in two dress sizes from a size 14 to a comfortable 10. I think you’ll all agree with me that she looks amazing.

“@ww.uk and I couldn’t be prouder of how hard Lorraine has worked and how dedicated to the plan she has been. Her efforts really have paid off and her smile says it all. Well done Lorraine.” 

Speaking about her weight now, Lorraine said: “I feel so much better. 

“It wasn’t that difficult – I knew I needed help to do it but it was as difficult as I thought it would be because the whole app, it’s all in there, and then I have you to help me. I never felt hungry, never felt deprived. Nothing is off limits,” she added. 


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One of Lorraine’s favourite foods is chocolate, and she believes this is why she put on weight during lockdown. 

“It was every single night, Steve and I would have a chocolate plate,” she explained. “It started off small, but it got bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Mountains of chocolate and we’d eat it, it was mindless, sitting watching Netflix or the tele and we would eat it all.” 

This was the first thing Suzy told Lorraine to change. 

“We swapped the chocolate plate for a fruit plate,” Suzy said. “But we can’t be without chocolate completely.” 

In addition to the fruit, Lorraine ate WW’s chocolate spread. 

“For a big fat tablespoon it’s two [WW] points,” Lorraine added. “I don’t use a whole tablespoon as you don’t need that much because it’s very rich. It’s gorgeous. So good with bananas and strawberries.

“Do you know what you got me doing which I think was really important? It was the water,” she continued. “I wasn’t drinking enough water.” 

Lorraine purchased a reusable water bottle which had timings on the side to remind you to drink every couple of hours. 

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