Michael Mosley’s easy tricks to lose weight after Christmas – no exercise or diet required

Michael Mosley discusses health benefits of drinking water

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Millions of people up and down the country will have enjoyed many meals, snacks and feasts this Christmas. Enjoying more food than usually consumed, combined with less physical movement can result in weight gain. Diet expert Dr Michael Mosley has shared a few tips for anyone looking to shed a few festive pounds. 

Dr Michael said: “The winter months are when we put on the most weight, typically one to two pounds as we huddle indoors eating comfort foods.” 

The first thing that needs to be addressed is the difference between hunger and appetite. 

He explained: “Appetite is the sudden urge to eat, while hunger is a gnawing feeling that’s much harder to ignore or control. 

“Our urge to eat, our appetite, is largely driven by spotting tempting treats, as well as by stress and other emotional drivers.” 

For anyone looking to resist tasty treats this New Year, Dr Michael has some science-based tips. 

Eat chocolate two hours before a meal 

Not something most would traditionally suggest, but Dr Michael discusses the benefits of eating small pieces of dark chocolate before a meal. 

He quoted a study: “In the journal Nutrition and Diabetes in 2008, volunteers who ate 100g of dark chocolate two hours before a meal consumed 140 fewer calories at the next meal than they did after eating milk chocolate.

“They also reported a big drop in the urge to eat other sweet, fatty or savoury snacks.” 

Put a light box by your computer 

While the longest day of the year has passed, it is still incredibly dark outside. 

Dr Michael has a solution to this, he suggests boosting your mood and curbing cravings with a bright light. 

If you’re unable to “expose yourself to more early morning light, by going for a walk for example”, Dr Michael said “sitting in from of a light box” can have the same effect. 

A light box produces 10,000 lux of light, which is many times greater than standard indoor lighting (around 150 lux). 

He continued: “I prop mine up in front of my computer as I’m writing and it makes a big difference to my carb cravings.” 

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Reduce your appetite with water

Another way to consume fewer calories is by drinking a glass of water. 

Dr Michael revealed: “A recent study from Loughborough University found that drinking 500ml of water before a meal not only led to 100 calories fewer being consumed. 

“It also boosted feelings of fullness and satisfaction, possibly because the water fills the stomach, which sends signals to the brain to stop eating.” 

TV and other screens turned off 

Many like to do something while eating, be it reading a book, catching up on the online news or watching a television programme. 

But the mindless attention can cause extra calories to be consumed. 

Dr Michael suggests not staying “up late to watch TV” as a lack of sleep can also drive hunger. 

He explained: “Lack of sleep raises your levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, and boosts activity in areas of the brain involved in viewing food, particularly high-calorie food, as a positive reward.” 

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