New mother loses 4.5st by sticking to one dieting technique – ‘saw the pounds chip away’

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Weight gain when pregnant varies greatly, with most pregnant women putting on between 1st 5lb (10kg) and 1st 9lb (12.5kg) throughout the nine months. Dr Phillipa Brown found she had put on five stone and was eager to lose it after she gave birth.

But how did she do it?

In 2021, Phillipa weighed in at 17st 6lb (112kg) after having her baby and now weighs 13st 2lb (84kg).

She achieved this following the National Medical Weight Loss Program, using the Ozempic medication, dietary and exercise advice through KP Aesthetics.

She revealed she had always struggled with her weight and wanted to ensure she prevented health issues, linked to obesity, after becoming a mother.

Their programme focused on intermittent fasting and she hasn’t looked back since.

“In my adult life I had always prioritised my health, fitness and well-being,” she said.

“When I got pregnant I realised that I wasn’t able to train as intensely as I was used to.”

A lot of pregnancy weight gain is due to the baby growing, but the body will also be storing fat, ready to make breast milk after the baby is born.

As a result of not being able to train and eating more, she saw her weight begin to creep up.

“I took eating for two a little too literally,” she said.

“So I gained five stone, and then lockdown happened.

“I had a baby, it was lockdown and I had no hope of addressing my weight issues.”

Phillipa recalled she felt “unfit, incapable and weak” during this time and knew she had to do something.

“It took me four months to gain some insight and address my demons,” she explained.

“I needed to lose weight and get fit and strong again.

“My baby needed me to be the best version of myself and I needed to regain some of my identity.”

She tried Ozempic and hailed it as the “consistent crutch” she needed to get going.

According to Ozempic’s official website, the medication is not a weight loss drug and dieters should seek medical advice before using.

It is a medicine for adults with type 2 diabetes that, along with diet and exercise, may improve blood sugar.

Phillipa’s journey to a healthier her had begun and by seeing the results she kept herself motivated.

“I was able to stick to a plan of intermittent fasting and I was able to crack on with my strength and fitness training,” she said.

“It was so easy to administer and I felt so good seeing the pounds chip away.

“Now, I’ve lost 4.5 stone!”

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