Pilates motivates you to eat healthier and makes you feel ‘pretty amazing’, says expert

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Korin Nolan is a pilates influencer with over 100,000 followers on social media. She is also the founder of Power Pilates UK and Dynamic Pilates TV, where she shares pilates tips and workouts with both beginner and experienced fans of the sport.

Korin spoke to Express.co.uk about the benefits of pilates and how easy it is for anyone to get involved.

She explained she started pilates when she was 18 years old and training to be a dancer at the time, saying: “A lot of dancers practice Pilates as it strengthens the core, which is essential to move with control, strength and balance.

“After my dance degree, I trained to be a teacher at Body Control Pilates in Covent Garden in 2004.

“Pilates is no fad, once you learn how good it is, you’ll want to do it for life as it has so many benefits – plus, it makes you feel pretty amazing.”

Korin works out almost every day, but she emphasised that just a few minutes every day makes a huge difference.

She said: “I exercise probably five to six times a week – not always strictly Pilates – which might sound a lot to some people, but sometimes it’s just 30 minutes, which if you’re doing the right kind of exercise, can be enough.

“I also film classes regularly for Dynamic Pilates TV and Instagram, but even if I don’t feel like it, once I get going and those endorphins start pumping I’m always glad I’ve done it.”

Korin recommended working out three to six times a week, saying: “Honestly, I believe fitness can have such huge benefits for all of us, physically and mentally, so I would advise exercising three to six times a week.

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“It really doesn’t have to always be a long gruelling workout to be effective.

“As I’ve got older, I’m much more about listening to my body and doing what I feel it needs, rather than punishing myself.”

The pilates expert added there are “so many” benefits to pilates.

She said: “It helps rebalance the body, it streamlines, lengthens, elongates and tones muscles like nothing else.

“It really taps into those deep intrinsic muscles rather than working the superficial muscles, so it has a much greater effect in strengthening the core and literally changing your body shape.”

Korin added the work out can also contribute to weight loss because it motivates you to eat healthier.

Diet and exercise go hand-in-hand, she explained.

“It depends how many times a week you train, how much effort you put in, and you can’t expect to lose weight with exercise alone.

“As the saying goes ‘abs start in the kitchen’ and it’s true.

“I do think that when you work out, you tend to naturally eat healthier too which helps, but don’t try and convince yourself that because you’re working out you can eat more rubbish, as it doesn’t work like that.”

Korin added: “We should all move more, we have become way too stationary in life.

“And the funny thing is, the more you move, the more you will need and crave it in your life. It’s all about creating healthy new habits.

“If I don’t exercise for a few days my body and mind both feel sluggish and that’s not healthy.”

If you want to try pilates for the first time, Korin recommended getting in touch with a studio local to you.

She said: “I would say, generally speaking, that you’re better going to a specialised studio rather than gym classes, as I’ve found they tend to be better quality.

“If you don’t find what you’re looking for, come and try my online classes on Dynamic Pilates TV, or if you’re local to me in South East London, come to my studio and try reformer Pilates at Power Pilates UK.

“Try out a few classes, as there’s so many different styles of pilates these days and it really does depend on the trainer.”

Korin’s favourite pilates workout to try at home

Lay on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, arms by your sides in a neutral spine.

Breathe in to prepare, tuck the tailbone under and lengthen the lower back out across the mat, scoop the belly in and draw up the pelvic floor.

Breathe out as you press down into the heels of the feet and peel the back off the mat one vertebrae a time until your hips are fully lifted and you’re resting across the back of your shoulders.

Breathe in again and then roll down in reverse as you exhale, lowering the vertebrae one at a time until you come all the way back to a neutral spine where you started.

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