Pippa Middleton shares exercise secret to being slim and fit ‘It’s essential’

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Pippa Middleton leads a very active life, and has a strong passion for running. But with excess exercise come sore muscles and the British socialite has revealed her top tips for a low-intensity, strength workout that will benefit your body just as much as any calorie-burning exercise would. 

The average person burns between 280 and 520 calories for 30 minutes. 

For anyone who runs regularly, they will know many exercises can be performed in a bid to excel at running. 

Running is a favourite form of exercise for Pippa, and she discussed the importance of stretching and resting.

Pippa said: “Rest is an essential part of any exercise regime, particularly the day after a high intensity workout that has left you sore and aching – a sign you’ve worked hard. 

“Active recovery (very low intensity exercise that boosts blood flow and aids recovery) for example, in walking, gentle swimming, foam rolling or body massage, will help to remove waste products like blood lactate from the muscles, can take place on these days. 

“To get the most out of any workout, you need to let your body, muscles and tissues rest and actively give them a chance to stretch out. 

“There are many tools you can find to help loosen your muscles, but by far the best one out there for me is the foam roller – particularly good after long runs.” 

Pippa shared a foam roller workout and said: “Relax and iron out the knots with this foam roller workout.” 


IT band – loosens the fibrous tissue on the outer thigh 

1. Lie on your side with a foam roller under your hip. 

2. With hands on the floor, use them to roll your body back and forth 10 times, from just below the hip to just above the knee. 

3. Repeat on the other side. 

Upper back – rolls upper back and spine 

1. Lay back on a foam roller placed under your shoulder blades and support your neck with hands behind your ears. 

2. Knees bent, lift your hips into the air. 

3. Slowly move the roller up and down the upper back region. 

4. Avoid rolling over your lower back. 

Gluteus medius – eases tightness in the bottom muscles 

1. Sit on the foam roller with your left ankle on the right thigh. 

2. Shift your weight to the left, with the roller underneath. 

3. Roll back and forth 10 times, pausing on tight spots. 

4. Repeat on the right. 

Plantar fascia tissue – stretches the connective tissue in the foot 

1. Stand with a mini roller or massage ball under the arch of your foot and roll the foot forward and backwards, from heel to forefoot. 

2. Roll the sole of both feet 10 times. 

Pippa’s 10-week tone-up is in conjunction with Waitrose magazine. 

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