Simon Cowell weight loss: Mogul drops 4st after being told he had the ‘worst diet’

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Simon Cowell is best known globally for his work on talent shows The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent. The TV personality and entrepreneur has lost a reported 4st over the years.

Simon has been extremely open about his weight loss and how he got there.

Speaking to Ellen in 2019, the talent show mogul revealed that he had some health tests done in London and received a wakeup call.

After a month of waiting, Simon was told: “You have the worst diet I have ever met from any patient.”

Having been told that out of his smoking, drinking and diet habits his poor diet was one he had to drop, Simon agreed.

Consequently, the TV icon completely overhauled his lifestyle.

While he admitted to still drinking alcohol and smoking, Simon had to give up “pretty much all the things I love”.

The four key things he gave up were dairy, sugar, bread, gluten and red meat.

This would have left him with plenty of room for nutritious foods such as fruit, vegetables and protein rich foods such as turkey and chicken.

One of the motivations for Simon’s weight loss was his now eight-year-old son.

Simon wanted to keep up with adventurous, energised Eric.

In conversation with Terri Seymour, Simon revealed that he knew he “had to make a change”.

He joked that he had cut out “everything” and was “practically eating grass”.

But although the new diet was restrictive, he was able to stick to it because it made him feel noticeably better.

One thing The X Factor judge did admit to missing was pizza, which is a favourite of his young son.

He also said that he didn’t want to get a taste for the unhealthy foods he once loved, so his best bet was cutting them out entirely.

Another trick to sticking to a diet is to make it enjoyable.

He told The Sun that when a diet is interesting and tastes good, it’s “surprisingly easy” to follow.

He sticks to vegetables, salads and a “great beer”.

And he avoids red meats such as beef, lamb and pork.

Alongside his healthy diet, Simon’s workout routine involves cycling, walking and weight lifting.

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