Sophie Wessex’s body is in ‘great condition’ – follows ‘healthy diet’

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Sophie Wessex, 57, is one of the most popular royals and always looks beautiful. What kind of diet does the royal follow to stay fit and healthy?

Sophie follows a very healthy diet as a consequence of a near-tragic event in 2003 that badly impacted her pregnancy.

When pregnant with her first child, Lady Louise Windsor, currently 19, the Countess began to haemorrhage.

At the time, Sophie was alone at her and Prince Edward’s home at Bagshot Park in Surrey and had to be airlifted to the nearby Frimley Park hospital.

Louise was born a month early weighing less than five pounds and went straight to intensive care.

Sophie lost nine pints of blood and spent more than a week in hospital recovering. The experience made Sophie want to follow a healthier diet and lifestyle.

She is said to eat a balanced diet full of organic ingredients and, as a result, has maintained a slim and toned frame.

The Countess reportedly doesn’t eat much bread, fried food, sugary puddings, and pastries.

She also consumes very little alcohol and eats foods that are high in fibre and protein. These include smoothies and porridge for breakfast, and chicken, fish, salad, and vegetables for lunch or dinner.

Fish, vegetables, and fruits make up the Mediterranean diet, which experts have claimed is “one of the healthiest diets” in the world.

Nutrition expert and founder of The Detox Kitchen, Lily Simpson, said Sophie eats “a diet of plant-based food and lean protein”.

She added that this “has had a huge impact on the appearance of skin, as does keeping well hydrated and getting proper sleep,” she told the Daily Mail.

Sophie also reportedly enjoys picnics and barbecues during the summer. During a personal interview, she revealed her husband, Edward, usually prepares barbecues in the summer.

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She said: “He is very good at barbecues, and the children love those. He takes our son fishing, does a lot of riding with our daughter, he is very engaged as a father,” Sophie told The Start Magazine.

Although the Countess’ diet sounds extremely healthy, she has been pictured enjoying the occasional sweet treat.

In 2014, she was seen eating cookies during a visit to Queensgate Foundation Primary School.

As for exercise, Sophie enjoys horse riding, like many members of the Royal Family.

The Countess, like Kate Middleton, is said to stick to a strict exercise regime which includes running three miles a week and cycling.

According to reports Sophie has a £999 lightweight bike and enjoys long-distance cycling. She is also a fan of pilates and swims regularly.

Rosalind Chapman, founder of cosmeceutical brand Transformulas told Mail Online: “Sophie leads a very healthy lifestyle – she rides horses and runs regularly both of which help keep her body and skin in great condition.

“She also lives out in the country which means there is less exposure to the damage caused by pollution and free radicals. The tone and texture of her skin is beautiful which suggests she uses some sort of brightening serum.”

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