Sugar addict loses weight by cutting down on common food – ‘very important’

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The health show followed Alex, 26, after she admitted: “I’m not happy at the moment, I’m not comfortable with the way I am. I just want to be the normal happy Alex I used to be.”

Alex talked about her sugar addiction and her unhealthy routines after dinner: “After I had Cameron, and especially when I couldn’t have someone to talk to next to me, I thought ‘Oh I’ll just have a cup of tea, maybe with five biscuits’.

“But that really snowballs and starts getting really bad.”

The young mum explained she tends to opt for “nice, quick and easy” meals, which translates into cheap processed food.

Years of nighttime snacking have caused her health to suffer.

She said: “I think now is the right time before I start getting really unhealthy.

“I want to do it for my son, I want to give him a really good life.”

Trisha Goddard, Dr Amir Khan and nutritionist Kate Llewellyn-Waters step in to help change her lifestyle completely.

The trio explained Alex eats 14 times the recommended sugar consumption, which happens to be three kilograms.

Alex said no one “really told” her how to eat healthily and she admitted she doesn’t really know how to do it.

The 26-year-old blamed her financial struggles for making healthy eating more difficult.

Dr Khan warned she is currently at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

“Alex is pre-diabetic at 26 which is incredibly young to be in that category.”

Dr Khan recommended: “Alex will be ditching the foods filled with sugar and replacing them with healthy ingredients. She will also be doing 30 minutes of walking every day.”

Nutritionist Kate Llewellyn-Water said she “can eat well on a budget” and recommended an essential food to add to her diet: beans.

She said: “You want to be grabbing six of those tins, they are packed with protein, and fibre so we are really going to be including beans to your meal plan.

“They are so cheap, versatile and they are so good for you, so nutritious.

“So including them in your diet will be very important going forward.”

Kate warned of which foods to avoid when shopping: “You really need to read the labels, see if the product is high in sugars, has additives or is high in fat and salt.”

After eight weeks, Alex lost 21cm of the waist.

“The exercising, the eating better makes you feel 100 percent better. This has made me much more comfortable,” she said.

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