Takeaway addict loses weight with ‘quick and easy diet’ after not eating veg for 3 years

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This week, the health show followed Laura, 28, a busy mum in charge of a plumbing business who wants to confront her addiction to takeaways.

Laura admitted she gets takeaway between five and six times a week with meals of around 2,000 calories each.

She explained why she loves fast food so much: “You can’t get this from fruit or veg. You can not,” she said while eating a McDonald’s meal.

“It’s just delicious!”

Laura’s weight gain started a few years ago when she suffered from postnatal depression.

Trisha Goddard, Dr Amir Khan and nutritionist Kate Llewellyn-Waters step in to help change her lifestyle completely.

After the trio showed her the amount of fat she consumes in a week she said: “It’s just disgusting.”

If Laura continues eating what she does, she is at high risk of having a heart attack, explained Dr Khan.

On the show, Laura admitted it has been at least three years since she last tasted a vegetable.

She explained the reason she doesn’t eat them is that she remembers she didn’t like them as a child.

The nutritional plan the trio prepare for her consists of “healthy, quick and easy to follow recipes that she can batch cook to fit around her busy schedule,” explained Dr Khan.

Nutritionist Kate Llewellyn-Waters shared her best tips to lose weight and improve overall health: “Eat a more diverse diet, lots of variety so you’ll be meeting all the nutritional requirements.

“You’ll have more energy, you’ll sleep better, you’ll be less stressed and you’ll lose weight more easily.”

After eight weeks, Laura manages to lose five pounds and 25cm waistline.

She feels better physically and mentally and by maintaining her new lifestyle habits she will continue to lose weight.

Laura said: “This process has definitely helped, 100 percent.

“It’s surprising just what eating healthy can do internally, for your mental health.

“I feel absolutely amazing.

“I didn’t recognise myself first but that’s the new me, that’s the new person I’ve become.

“I’m proud of myself,” Laura said after seeing her transformation.

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