Vanessa Feltz weight loss: How radio host dropped impressive 4st- ‘only thing that worked’

TV presenter Vanessa Feltz tests positive for Covid

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Vanessa Feltz has stunned fans over the years with her impressive weight loss transformation. The presenter, who announced today that she will be leaving her two BBC radio programmes after more than two decades, managed to shed an impressive four stone since she began her weight loss journey.

The broadcaster had gastric band fitted in 2010 and is now around a size 12.

Before the surgery, she was a size 18.

But she’s always been very open about her journey, even though she revealed she’s “not proud”.

“I’m not proud of the fact I’ve had to have surgery to keep my weight down but unfortunately it’s the only thing that works for me,” she admitted previously.

“I feel a bit embarrassed when people congratulate me on the weight loss because I had surgery to get me here.

“It’s the surgeons who should be congratulated! I’m hopeful that this is the end of my battle with weight, because it’s something I’ve struggled with.

“I’ve always been the same, I can lose weight but the moment I revert back to being my normal self I put it all back on.”

She went on to explain that food has always been her “Achilles heel” and her sweet-tooth makes her “consistently eat a bit too much”.

“I barely drink alcohol, I don’t smoke and I’m a faithful partner, so I always think, if I want a cream horn or a doughnut I’m going to have one,” she said.

A gastric bypass is a procedure designed to help people who struggle with their weight limit their eating and control their appetites.

It states on the NHS website: “A gastric bypass is where surgical staples are used to create a small pouch at the top of the stomach.

“The pouch is then connected to your small intestine, missing out (bypassing) the rest of the stomach.

“This means it takes less food to make you feel full and you’ll absorb fewer calories from the food you eat.”

Despite some complications, Vanessa appeared on This Morning following her surgery, Vanessa and surprised viewers by losing three stone.

“I’ve lost just under three stone so I’m absolutely loving that,” she beamed.

“What I’ve experienced is just feeling a bit less interested in food.

“I don’t mean I never want to have any food, it’s not like that, but I’m not thinking ‘what can I have now?'”

Vanessa announced today that she is leaving both her early breakfast show on BBC Radio 2, which she presented since 2011 and her BBC Radio London programme, which she has fronted since 2001.

She told listeners that she had “loved every moment” and would miss her “beloved” listeners and working her colleagues.

She cited her reason for stepping down as “to catch up on a much needed decade’s deficit of beauty sleep”.

While Vanessa sought surgery to help her weight loss transformation, she recommended to “consider it very carefully” and not to “plunge into it”.

Always check with a doctor before making lifestyle changes.

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