‘Wearing a bikini is the best feeling now’: Mum loses 5 stone with ‘mouth-watering’ diet

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Eve, 45, managed to lose an impressive amount of weight by following the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge weight plan. The mother-of-two had struggled with her confidence for years, often becoming paranoid when out in public that people were looking at her and commenting on her weight.

Her weight had a detrimental impact on her self-esteem and overall happiness, as well as on her physical health.

Eve could no longer walk upstairs without becoming severely out of breath.

It was through her friend Vicki Gibbs, who later became her consultant and had seen how miserable she had become, that Eve found the 1:1 Diet.

Eve had a plan tailored to her and she started seeing results from the first week.

The 45-year-old explained: “Having the products there to hand made it much easier and meant that I didn’t have to work out what or how much I should be eating. This definitely helped me to stay on plan!

“Whenever I found the plan difficult, Vicki was there to help guide me with advice and tips, particularly on the weekends when I would struggle to stay motivated the most.

“She encouraged me to remember why I started my journey and to keep going.

“Without the help of Vicki I would’ve been more likely to go for a burger and chips instead of a chicken salad.

“She was vital to my success, nurturing me the whole way through my time on plan and checking in regularly.”

After six months Eve has gone from size 18 to size eight and has lost over five stone becoming a much more confident person.

She loved the results and she felt much better, fitter and happier after the transformation.

She even decided to go to Ibiza in the summer, when previously she had declined the invitation because of how she felt about her body.

Eve explained: “Being able to wear a bikini on holiday was the best feeling in the world.

“The 1:1 Diet gave me back my life and my confidence and I couldn’t be more grateful – I now finally feel like Eve again.”

The 1:1 Diet plan offers slimmers meal replacement products, snacks and meals of approximately 200 calories or under.

Each dieter has a personal consultant who is available every step of the way and personalises the meal plans to fit one’s lifestyle.

For lunch and dinner, some of the options include “mouth-watering soups to some of the nation’s favourite dishes,” the 1:1 Diet website states.

Some of the recipes are spaghetti bolognese, chicken Tikka or macaroni cheese.

Sweet and savoury snacks include protein bars and pop squares.

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