Weight loss diet: Cutting out this one food can help you burn belly fat fast – what is it?

People may want to slim down for a number of reason and they can follow a structured diet plan to help them do this. Some might want to target a specific part of their body and there are a few tips which can be followed to help achieve this. For those hoping to burn belly fat and flatten out their abs, making a few tweaks to the diet will speed up the weight loss process. Following a specific exercise plan can also help shrink the waistline, Simone De La Rue revealed.

Start gradually, one week cut out sugar and the next week cut caffeine or cut out alcohol, slowly easing yourself into it.

Simone De La Rue

Dieters looking to get a flat stomach can do this by cutting unhealthy food groups from their diet, according to Simone.

When doing this, it is best to start slowly in order to help slimmers stay motivated.

Simone told Express.co.uk: “Start gradually, maybe one week cut out sugar and the next week cut caffeine or cut out alcohol, slowly easing yourself into it.

“I would recommend doing a cleanse to to detox the body, not to lose weight but to detoxify and clean out the gut, in the process you do lose weight because you cut out all processed foods.”

By cutting out unhealthy food groups, slimmers will help their body detox and lose weight overall.

She added: “You cut out sugar, you eliminate dairy, you eliminate alcohol, you eliminate caffeine so you’re just eating protein and vegetables.

“That’s a good way to start and don’t set crazy goals because you’ll fail.”

In order to tighten up the midriff specifically, Simone also recommended targeting this with exercise.

She told Express.co.uk: “You can definitely focus on a certain muscle group and if you work it you can change, I work with so many actors who for a film role you work towards a body type.

“You can change but people have to look at what their genetics are. I’ve seen so much change in women’s bodies but again it takes consistency, you can’t just expect to work out once and change.”

By aiming for a healthy diet and exercise plan, slimmers will speed up the weight loss journey and burn belly fat.

Simone also revealed people can incorporated more cardio into their routines to help them shape up. 

Some dieters may prefer to follow a structured diet plan and there are many different ones on the market.

Simone recommended intermittent fasting can be a good place to start. 

On this diet plan, slimmers must eat all their meals within a certain time window.

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