Weight loss diet: Ditching this one food can help you slim down fast – what is it?

No matter what the reason for wanting to lose weight, hitting the goals is no easy task. Weight loss can be achieved by following a healthy diet and living an active lifestyle, but there are some tips which can help speed things up. Cutting one food group out of the diet can help people help people stay focused and trim their waistline, an expert revealed. How often dieters eat could also make a huge difference to how quickly they hit their weight loss goals.

You need to consume lots of whole foods, healthy, clean, yummy meals, rather than any fad diets.

Ciara London

Instead of following a detailed diet plan, Ciara explained people naturally know what they should be eating.

She told Express.co.uk: “I don’t personally believe in any diets. I believe in everything in moderation. As humans we know what’s good for us and bad for us.

“You need to consume lots of whole foods, healthy, clean, yummy meals, rather than any fad diets. People over complicate it and they don’t need to.”

By choosing natural foods over processed products, slimmers will be more likely to stay on track when trying to slim down.

Eating at certain times of the day could help whip slimmers into shape even more quickly.

Ciara added: “Generally, you need to eat frequently, little and often, five or six meals a day.

“Personally, I’ve opted for pescatarian and dairy free, cutting out diary has helped me, as it has limited the amount of unhealthy foods I can consume.”

As well as keeping a healthy diet, regular exercise is important when trying to make a change.

“Drink two to three litres water a day, exercise at least three to four times a week and eat as clean as you can,” Ciara told Express.co.uk.

“If your diet is clean then you don’t need to lean so heavily on exercise, if you exercise more heavily, you can relax your diet a bit.”

She added: “I think exercise is better for your mental health. Diet is more for your body – I think ultimately, they’re a pair.”

Ciara London has partnered with skincare tech brand FOREO, to create the ‘best ever workout for your skin’. The regime is based on the findings of a report which explores the benefits of exercise on your skin, commissioned by FOREO and written by GP Dr Anita Sturnham.

She has created the ultimate routine that can be done by anyone, anywhere, meaning that your workout can result in better skin and a healthier body.

The expert explained how high cardio exercises, such as HIIT exercise can help slimmers burn belly fat.

People can add more exercise into their lifestyles gradually by doing things like aiming to walk a certain distance each day.

Some dieters prefer to follow a structured plan, such as the low-carb and high-fat keto diet. 

Most people following the plan will eat around 25 grams of net carbs each day to help their body get into the fat burning state.

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