Weight loss diet plan: This woman shed a staggering 8st by making this one simple change

For those who are overweight and need to slim down there is a lot of information available about the best way for them to do this.

If unsure where to start, it can be reassuring for dieters to look to others who have been through their own weight loss transformations in order to get tips.

One woman shared her weight loss on Reddit after she lost an incredible 7st 9lb in just over a year.

The Reddit user “LDNurseMama” posted online about what she did to try and encourage others to make a similar change.

Now I watch what I eat still, eat healthy foods in smaller portions and stay active

LDNurseMama, Reddit user

The woman shared she is 38-years-old, 5ft 9in and has slimmed down from a huge 20st 7lb to a much trimmer 12st 12lb.

She showed off her results by posting a picture of her before and after losing the weight and explained more about the changes she made to get slim.

“LDNurseMama” revealed she kicked off her weight loss journey by watching how many calories she ate and also by making an effort to move more.

She wrote: “I started with just tracking my calories closely with my fitness pal, weighing my food, and being really active.

“Then I went to an actual weight loss clinic to meet with nutritionists and doctors to help me plan for the long term weight loss and maintenance.”

This approach helped the slimmer understand how much she was eating and the best types of food to help her shape up.

The dieter revealed she had always been active so changing up her eating habits was one of the biggest changes for her.

She said: “The food portions were the hardest for me, tracking everything in my fitness pal really put things into perspective for me.

“I weighed my food for awhile too until I had a good grip on what my portions should be. It’s hard but worth it.

By closely tracking her calories using a fitness app, the user explained how it helped her understand what she was eating and her weight started to fall off at a steady rate of around 2lb a week.

Since losing the weight, the Reddit user revealed she does not need to track her food as closely as she understands better what she needs to eat.

“LDNurseMama” revealed: “Now I watch what I eat still, eat healthy foods in smaller portions and stay active.”

Dieters hoping to lose a few pounds can start to do this by making other small changes in their lives.

Research published in a report titled “Portion size me: plate-size induced consumption norms and win-win solutions for reducing food intake and waste” explained using smaller plates at meal times may help people eat less.

This trick can help slimmers learn more about portion control and make an effective change in their lives. 

Some people losing weight may have a specific area they hope to burn fat from, such as slimming down the waistline. 

According to Cecilia Harris, who is a personal trainer and co-founder of Results with Lucy, you must lose weight from the whole body in order to burn belly fat.

She said: “I don’t believe that you can spot train or lose fat in one particular place of your body.”

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