Weight loss diet plan: Woman reveals how she lost 2st in three months without exercise

A Reddit user has revealed the diet plan she followed to lose two stone fast, in just three months.

Starting out at 11.7 stone she shrank down to a much more healthy 9.7 stone.

She proudly posted her weight loss before and after pictures on the public forum, which is open for any potential dieter to access.

Explaining the reason behind her transformation internet user DaxieJ said: “After not fitting my clothes anymore in the middle of this year, I decided to change that and began counting calories using CICO & MyFitnessPal.”

Weight loss diet plan: Woman reveals how she lost two stone in three months

What is the CICO diet?

CICO stands for “calories in calories out” and the plan sees dieters often eat less calories than they burn. This is the scientific cause of weight loss.

She continued: “Right now my limit is at 1200 calories, I plan on going up to about 1500 to 1600 once maintenance starts (I yet have to check out where my upper limit is).

“I haven’t done any exercise in this time, though I’m planning on doing some in preparation for springtime!”

She revealed that she followed a strict diet plan of counting calories.

“Concerning the food I eat: I try to include a lot of vegetables, no to little meat (fish or poultry), but have changed that a little after my husband was tired of seeing so much ‘healthy food’,” she explained.

“Now we also cook meals that we had in the past, but I try to change some calorie-rich ingredients (like sour cream instead of full cream, using no oil in the pan, etc.) and eat smaller portions so I stay within my limit.”

She revealed what she typically ate to help fellow dieters.

The woman wrote: “My typical meal plan on week days were Overnight Oats for breakfast (oats, 1 banana, 1/2 apple, low-calorie joghurt) approx. 350 calories, variable snacks in the afternoon (fruit + joghurt, bread with cottage cheese, etc. – I don’t eat a big lunch due to my job) approx.

“250-300 calories, dinner for about 550-600 calories (fish/chicken with rice/quinoa/couscous, vegetables).

“But also “normal dishes” like pasta, pizza, etc (just restricted to an amount that fits in my calorie goal)” (sic)

Daily meal plan

Breakfast: Overnight Oats for breakfast (oats, 1 banana, 1/2 apple, low-calorie yoghurt) – 350 calories

Lunch and snacks: Fruit, yoghurt, bread with cottage cheese – 250-300 calories

Dinner: Fish or chicken with rice, quinoa or couscous with vegetables – 550-600 calories

Another man wrote about how he used the keto diet to shed the pounds on Reddit.

What is the keto diet? The low carb plan encourages eating high fat.

It means that the body switches to burning fat as its main dietary fuel.

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