Weight loss: Fitness expert shares 5 ways to ease bloating and get results quicker

Most of us have experienced the feeling of being bloated, when your tummy is stretched and uncomfortable. It can be a result of eating certain foods, having digestive issues or a condition like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Express.co.uk spoke to Belle Hutt, Online Personal Trainer and Founder of Belle Hutt about the best ways to beat the bloat. She revealed five steps to reducing and easing the feeling. 

Belle said: “Bloating is caused by a buildup of gas produced by a digestive issue, but hormones can also be to blame. 

“A number of different foods trigger bloating for me. But, over the years I’ve managed to find a few hacks to successfully ease my bloating and you may find they work for you too.” 

1. Eat potassium-rich foods 

Belle explained: “Potassium helps to balance out your sodium levels in your body. 

“Foods like bananas, kiwis, squash, cantaloupe, melon, white beans (instead of chickpeas) and avocados can help to quash the symptoms of bloating. 

“Low potassium levels can slow your food digestion, causing constipation and bloating.” 

Belle’s top tip: “I suggest adding a few potassium-high foods into your salads and smoothies to make it as easy as possible to incorporate into your diet.”

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2. Hydration is key 

“You might worry that water will only add to your bloat – but it’s actually the opposite,” the expert said. 

“Your body needs water to hydrate properly, and if you replace water with fizzy drinks and sports drinks, your kidneys have to work harder to function properly. 

“Be sure to drink around three litres of water per day to ensure that your body is properly hydrated and help keep your bloat at bay.” 

Belle’s top tip: “Have a bottle of water in your bag when on the go, to encourage you to take regular sips without any hassle.”

3. Lemon juice and ginger

“Lemon juice is very similar in acidity to the stomach’s natural ‘juices’, so drinking lemon juice not only helps to ease the bloat, but also helps manage your hydration levels,” Belle revealed. 

“Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and an enzyme called Zingibain which helps the body break down protein.” 

Belle’s top tip: “Squeeze a quarter of a lemon into water along with two slices of fresh ginger to enjoy as a morning tea. Alternatively, you can make my ginger and lemon shots and enjoy them before each meal.”

4. Yoghurt 

“Most yoghurts contain probiotics which are a great bacteria, supporting a healthy digestive process and reducing inflammation,” Belle commented. 

“Yoghurts also often contain potassium, which has de-bloating benefits.  

“For optimum results, try and have a source of probiotics every day for at least two weeks to reduce your stomach gas.” 

Belle’s top tip: “I enjoy three to four tablespoons of any full fat organic probiotic yoghurt, with a handful of mixed berries as an afternoon snack or pudding.” 

5. Fibre 

“Food that contains fibre, such as bran flakes, melon, blueberries, nuts, carrots and pears can significantly help your digestive system to function more smoothly,” she continued. 

“However, try and limit your fibre intake to 20g – 25g per day – eating too much too quickly can cause some people to develop gas and bloating symptoms.” 

Belle’s top tip: “Have some raw carrots, a small handful of almonds or a pear as a mid-afternoon snack.” 

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